LIVE GOLF: Brandell Chamblee breaks silence after Patrick Reed’s $750 million lawsuit is dismissed

Golf Channel analyst, LIV Golf critic and former PGA Tour player Brandell Chambly has broken his silence after a judge dismissed Patrick Reed’s $750 million lawsuit against members of the golf media.

It’s not exactly an outrageous suggestion that when you get sued, it’s probably a good idea to just keep talking.

That’s exactly what Chamble has done since Reed filed the lawsuit in August.

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The American, 32, initially withdrew that lawsuit which was filed in Florida only to re-collect and Add more defendants.

These include Shane Bacon, Damon Hack and Eamonn Lynch as well as Golfweek and Janet.

That lawsuit alleged that the defendants:

Conspired as joint sponsors with the PGA Tour and its Executive Directors [tour commissioner Jay] Monahan to engage in a pattern and practice of defaming Mr. Reid, falsely reporting information with actual knowledge of the falsehood and/or reckless disregard for the truth, that is, with actual and constitutional malice, knowingly omitting relevant basic physical facts to mislead the public, and actively targeting Mr. Reed since he was He is 23 years old, to destroy his reputation, create hatred, and a hostile work environment against him, with the intent to discredit him and his accomplishments as a young, elite, world-class golfer, and a kind and caring person, husband and father of two.”

Reid’s lawsuit did not involve the PGA Tour but the 4 Aces GC player claimed the organization was working with Golf Channel to intentionally destroy LIV Golf.

On Friday, November 18, District Judge Timothy Corrigan stated the complaint:

“Fails to give defendants notice of the grounds on which each claim is based because Reed alleges 120 factual claims, and then proceeds to consolidate all 120 allegations into each count… Reed attempts to claim numerous breaches of defamation and civil conspiracy against each defendant; the reasons are the actions he require substantially different factual claims.”

Chamblee simply reacted to the dismissed lawsuit by writing on social media:

Now Reed and his attorney – Larry Kleiman – have until December 16 to resubmit their complaint and have reportedly been instructed to re-evaluate the allegations.

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The judge said Reid was only to:

“Bring only those claims that are meritorious and supported by law.”

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His lawyer confirmed that Reed would refile the complaint. In a statement released to the media, Kleiman said:

“Mr. Reid is pleased that the Court has maintained diverse jurisdiction and set a deadline for Defendants to respond to our soon-to-be-filed Amended Complaint, which will add further defamatory statements made public after the initial complaint was filed.

“The matter deals with the form of our pleading, which can easily be addressed, rather than the substance of the allegations, which are strong. Mr. Reed and the other LIV players have been maliciously defamed, and this case is designed to put an end to that, once and for all.”

This is not the only lawsuit Reed has been involved in. In November he made another complaint – this time he wanted it $250 million in damages.

This lawsuit is filed against golf writer Shane Ryan, Hachette, The New York Post, Fox Sports, Doug Ferguson, and The Associated Press.

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