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Marshall County students White Kemmins, Charles Soltsiak and Cason Eddy work with a Mascaro Construction volunteer to build a bench during their trip to Junior Achievement Baystown in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania.

Students from two Marshall County schools recently took an enlightening trip to Baystown.

Sand Hill and Glen Dale Elementary Schools spent a day at BizTown at Junior Achievement in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. The graduation exercise that followed 12 lessons was an in-class experience that helped students learn about job readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. Part of BizTown’s preparation even included students drafting resumes, then participating in interviews for jobs with the help of adults in the community.

“I learned that having a job is hard and it takes a lot of work,” explained Evan Cunningham. “I’ve also learned that it’s really important to help others so that everyone can have their own

Mission accomplished. ”

Once in BizTown, students spent the day in a simulated city, serving as business leaders and employees of familiar local companies, such as Ace Hardware and Comcast, delivering public and private goods and services.

“I was CFO for FedEx at BizTown,” said Gracey Hubbard. “I learned how to make loans and payroll. It was really fun learning how companies operate.”

While within the 10,000-square-foot city, students had the opportunity to work in roles ranging from mayor to salesperson and everything in between. The students were to write their checks, manage the day-to-day functions of businesses and jobs, and work to make their community thrive.

“She teaches me how to be an adult and how to do things like write a check and cash a paycheck,” said Brillyn McMillan.

“Having the chance to see the students at BizTown was one of my favorite experiences as a teacher

Sand Hill Elementary Counselor Claire Juszczak said. “The students learned skills that a lot of people don’t learn until later in life, and they enjoyed it. I also think it produced quite a few leaders. I loved seeing students go on to become CEOs or CFOs that they might not have held in this position in habit.”

Students from both elementary schools enjoyed the realistic field trip.

“Baizetown is great. It’s like real adult life, Casson Eddy explained.

“I was a tradesman and I was able to build a bench with Mascaro Construction.” Evan Cunningham added, “I don’t think any student should be afraid to come here, because it’s so much fun and not scary at all.”

This experience is made possible by a generous donation from Sand Hill Primary School

Partner in Education, MPLX.

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