Michigan is sending a seed experiment into space on a NASA mission

The MSU seed experiment was launched into space when NASA launched the Artemis I mission on Wednesday, November 16, 2022. The experiment looks to help better grow food in space for astronauts on future spaceflights.

EAST LANSING — NASA launched a spacecraft last week that will travel beyond the moon and back…and there’s a piece of MSU on board.

The US space agency launched its uncrewed Artemis I mission on Wednesday, November 16, carrying experiments that researchers hope will answer questions that may allow astronauts to endure longer spaceflights in the future. Among the experiments is one from Michigan State University that will look at how food can be grown in space.

MSU is one of four experiments selected by NASA’s Aerospace Biology Program, according to a press release. The program hopes to gain a better understanding of how terrestrial biology is affected by deep space travel.

Other research efforts on board include the University of Colorado Boulder’s yeast experiment, as well as the fungus experiment led by the Marine Research Laboratory and the photosynthetic algae experiment from the nonprofit Medical Research Institute.

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