NBA at Christmas: How to watch, full schedule, and most interesting games

The NBA season has started and we are soon approaching the NBA Christmas games. Fans will remember that these games usually showcase the best and most talented teams on national television. Gamers definitely mark this game on their calendar if they are lucky enough to play.

In all fairness, playing on Christmas Day has its pros and cons. There will undoubtedly be a lot of media coverage. However, these athletes will miss time with their families and loved ones.
Since they will be putting on a show for the masses, one might want to know how to watch it, what games will be played, and what is expected of the day.

Ja Morant and Draymond Green are looking forward to the Warriors vs Grizzlies NBA Christmas game

NBA Christmas games have a great reputation and history in the league. It has even been used as a platform for replays of fan-favorite finals and stunt matches. These games are expected to be broadcast nationally on ABC and ESPN. With that being said, here’s the full schedule for the 2022 NBA Christmas games.

the match time Channel
76ers against the Knicks 12 pm ESPN
Lakers against Mavericks 2:30 p.m ABC
Bucks vs. Celtics 5 m ABC
Grizzlies vs. Warriors 8 m ESPN and ABC
Suns vs. Nuggets 10:30 pm ESPN

Even the announcers seem to agree that the Golden State Warriors-Memphis Grizzlies game is one no one wants to miss. Therefore, it will be broadcast on both ESPN and ABC.

Furthermore, Ja Morant and Draymond Green’s background heading into this match makes it worth watching. Some of us may know that they had an exchange on social media on the subject of the NBA Christmas games. One NBA fan pointed out that the Memphis Warriors game was guaranteed for Christmas.

Ja wanted to play in Memphis. However, Draymond reminded him that the champions would have the home court advantage,”Heroes play home Young! Christmas Day… LJ. “

Morant responded and escalated the situation, “I’m coming to you then. tell em book dat sh*t. I’m on the block.

And so, it appears that this conversation has come to an end. He might have just been dismissed as potential bad talk. Whatever it was, they seemed to talk about the future into existence. Morant is currently injured. However, he should fully recover in time.

The Golden State Warriors vs Memphis Grizzlies game has to be one of the best or at least the most festive Christmas games in the NBA.

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