Open National Championship in Viterbo

The National Open, the longest Italian competition in 1935 and now in its 82nd edition, concludes the 16th season of the Italian Pro Tour, a circuit of eight national and international competitions organized by the Italian Golf Federation, with the support of the official Infront advisor.

National Open Championship schedule

On the National Golf course in Sutri (Viterbo), the Italian house of golf will defend, from November 23-26, the title of Jacopo Vicki Fossa, who also won in 2018 and who will try to enter his name in the register for the third time.

‘He went. The event will be anticipated on Tuesday, November 22nd by Pro-Am At the National Golf, where 78 competitors, including 60 professionals, 13 amateurs and 5 with wild cards, will compete, and the show will not be missed.

Along with Vecchi Fossa, six other former winners will compete: Giulio Castagnaara, who won in 2020, Enrico Di Nieto (2017), Filippo Bergamschi (2016), Gregory Molteni (2005), Emanuele Latanzi (2003) and Massimo Florioli (1997 ), who recently took over the PGAI Senior Championship.

Also in the field are Luca Cianquetti, Eduardo Raffaele Leparelli, Federico Macario, Aaron Zimmer, Andrea Saracino, Leonardo Giletta, Andrea Romano and Gianmaria Rin Trinchero who do not hide their ambitions, but there are many others who are able to make their point.

Among the amateurs, who have the chance to gain valuable experience, are bluesmen Giovanni Benaghi, Gianmarco Manfredi, Pietro Guido Fenoglio, and Bruno Frontero, to name a few. It starts with the Pro-Am National Open Championship – The Pro-Am National Open Championship will be a precursor to the event, which will allow many amateurs, including former football players Simone Pepe and Giuseppe Incocciati, to be able to take to the field with some of the professionals who will be after It is among the champions of the tournament.

Sixteen teams of four players (one professional and three amateurs) compete over 18 holes using the “Scramble Round Use Your Pro” format. The gun starts at 10, i.e. all the teams start together from the different holes of the track.

HISTORY – Practically all the players who have written important articles in the history of Italian golf have been signed to the tournament’s prestigious Honors List. In particular, the name of Alfonso Angelini stands out, one of the legendary “Three Musketeers” with Ugo Grabassoni and with Aldo Casera, who set a record destined to remain unbeaten over time with eleven victories.

Other multiple winners have achieved a maximum of four titles. There have been some cases of “children of art” who have repeated the successes of their father. The first to succeed was Andrea Canessa, who in 1988 beat Baldovino Dassault on the last hole, thus placing the trophy next to his father Emmanuel (1970-1971).

Then it was the turn of Emanuele Bolognesi (1990-1995) who scored as did his father Ofelio in 1963 and then Silvio Grappasoni, who achieved a double (1991-1992) with his father Ugo (four victories). The last of the series was Marco Bernardini (2008) Son of Roberto, which also achieved four laurels.

Finally, even if the race (initially called Omnium) was open to amateurs, no amateurs had ever won it. However, the opposite cannot be said either. In fact, in 1960, Angelo Croce made the title his own at a time when he was no longer a professional, but had not yet gained amateur status, because, having applied to return as an amateur, he was on hold.

Formula and Prize Money – The championship is played over a distance of 72 holes, with a cut after 36 which will lift the top 40 riders into the final two heats, tied for 40th and amateurs within the qualifying score.

The prize pool is €50,000 with the first coin worth €7,250. Partners – The Italian Pro Tour is supported by DS Motors (Main Partner); Fideuram (official bank); Kappa (technical resource), Renascent and Post-Asycura (official resource); Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport, Il Giornale (media partner).

Unlimited Sport Unless (Social Partner). Official advisor: front. National Golf – The National Golf Course, designed by architects George and Jim Fazio and David Mizacani, unfolds in an evocative natural setting, among forests and centuries-old oak trees.

Of excellent technical and qualitative caliber, it has hosted many prestigious events including the World Cup in 1991 and the European Amateur Championship in 1992. The National Golf Course is also the headquarters of the Federal Technical Centre, an operational base for all discipline-related professionals.

Another testament to how the growth of all movement sectors, not just sports, is one of the priority objectives of the Ryder Cup 2023 project. A new generation well adapted to the climate of the Mediterranean basin and c

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