Pop icon Nick Jonas has delighted after releasing his “disruptive” collaboration with Billion Dollar Golf

Most musicians, along with Nick Jonas, choose tour cities according to numbers and logistics. Like, like the number of fans, the size of the venue, the availability of the venue, the weather, etc. However, Nick has a unique approach, as he is a golf nerd. He may not know many fans, but he loves golf. The singer has a friend who was a bouncer at a local golf course. Therefore, Nick and his brother used to hit balls a lot.


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Golf was just a pastime for the star. However, it proved beneficial to him. Golf improved his mental and emotional health; Therefore, the love for golf is not surprising. His new collaboration with apparel company PXG explains his love of golf and his drive around the country. According to recent announcements, Nick has teamed up with PXG’s Executive Creative Director, Renee Parsons. She is also the wife of founder Bob Parsons. The singer is happy and can’t contain it in his final statement.


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Will Nick Jonas care about fashion?

The new partners worked hard and renovated the “Clubhouse” in SoHo overnight. Nick and his partners at PXG wanted to personalize their clothing line; Therefore, they have curated an exclusive one day only shopping and retail experience. They styled the event as a celebration of the launch of the songwriter’s first collaboration with PXG. We know this popular brand of high-performance golf equipment.

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Golf enthusiast Nick Jonas strikes an exciting collaboration with the billion dollar company

12 days ago

With an interest in fashion among golf enthusiasts, he played an important role in the development of the line. According to Nick, it was a satisfactory collaboration to his liking. He agrees that the partnership has been a little too far for him. Although it was annoying, he wanted to combine fashion with golf. He will also take care of the function of the clothes.

“It’s a little bit annoying, which I think is also in the DNA of PXG. So my thinking was: bring my love of fashion first, and bring that focus and understanding I have to the game…Nick said.

Nick Jonas attends the ACC Golf Championship – practice round Day 1 at Lake Tahoe.

For the multi-skilled actor, collaborating with PXG was a dream come true, spur of the moment. However, the roots of golf go back much further into his life. He and his brothers used to hit balls in a friend’s court. It started when the Jonas Brothers trio were touring in their late teens and were hugely popular. They thought it was a great way to connect so. It became their pre-show tradition.


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Where does Nick Jonas like to play golf?

The Vice Singer actor’s favorite golf course is the Scottsdale National Golf Club at PXG. It is not only his favorite golf course but also his favorite golf course all over the world. Nick often goes there with his wife, Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

Moreover, he would like a four-way match with Tiger Woods, Barack Obama, and Adam Sandler. It’s the dream team for the youngest Jonas brother.


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