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Marcus Wolff grew up watching NASCAR with his dad, Richie, and now at 12, is on track to become a professional driver one day.

Although Wolf, who lives in Bristow, only started racing karts last year and has been competing against more experienced kids, he has already won several races, including the championship in his division.

His home track is United Karting in Hanover, Maryland, but he competes at racetracks across the mid-Atlantic.

“He’s so much fun because he’s fast and you’re always fighting with someone else,” Marcus said. “There is a lot of adrenaline.”

It’s the fast part that makes her heart race, said his mom, Brenda.

“He’s been talking about racing since he could talk,” she said, recalling that Marcus dressed up as NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin one Halloween. “He has so much passion for him and I’m going to hurt him if I stop him. So we say our prayers and let him be.”

Marcus drives a small car that can reach speeds of 100 mph, but has a limiter in the carburetor to limit the speed for younger drivers.

“These karts are not beach karts,” said Richie Wolf. “They have very advanced braking systems, tires, engines and aerodynamics.”

Drivers wear a fire suit, helmet and other safety equipment.

Marcus understands the stakes very well. “You just have to be focused all the time,” he said. “You always have to think ahead and pay attention to your surroundings.”

Racing has become a family affair. “My dad gets up every night before the races, works on my kart, and tries to make it go faster,” said Marcus. Marcus’ older brother, Joey, is the crew chief for the Wolfe Pack Racing team and has recently started racing himself. His mom and sister, Taylor, take up photography and social media, pack lunches and cheer him on.

“When I ran the first race, my whole family — all my cousins ​​and uncles and great uncles — were all there,” Marcus said. “There were 20 or 30 people watching me and they were all wearing my Wolfe Pack Racing T-shirt.”

LowKey Racing in Hanover took an interest in Marcus last year and asked him to be on their team.

Since go-kart racing is an expensive sport, they also receive other types of support. For example, Marcus’ cousin, Joey Bayles, donated a racing trailer.

Race entry fees start at $100 for local races and can be as high as $1,500 for national races, so the family also has sponsors, including local Snap-On Tools franchise, Simply Home in Fredericksburg, and Platinum Auto Body in Sterling.

A student at Marsteller Middle School, Marcus is active in other sports as well, such as motocross, mountain biking, and skateboarding.

His mother said the family is active. “We all love to be out camping or just hanging out in the driveway, watching the kids ride their bikes.”

Marcus’ ultimate goal is to get into NASCAR and race for Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan’s 23XI team. “I’ve always dreamed of being a professional NASCAR driver.”

This article originally appeared in Haymarket/Gainesville Lifestyle Magazine, published by InsideNoVa.

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