The Buffalo Bills walk a mile deep in the snow to get to work

Growing up, many kids often hear stories about their grandparents or parents walking to school in waist-deep snow, and the Buffalo Bills lived on Saturday.

77% of the snow that fell on Orchard Park was a historic one. A snowstorm that began Thursday has brought the city of Buffalo to a standstill and created major chaos for the NFL and the Bills organization.

Today, the Bills Browns will host as planned, albeit in Detroit, but the fact that they made it to Detroit is also an impressive feat, and it took a lot of waist-deep walking in snow to make it happen.

The Bills outlined this amazing story of what it took to put it all together. As a Miami Dolphins fan, I sneered at my happiness over a few days in the franchise because that’s what competitors do but the way they’ve pulled it all together is admirable.

It took an entire organization to make it all happen and even members of local law enforcement to get it done. Volunteer snow plow drivers took to the streets trying to clear emergency lanes and, where possible, neighborhood entry points but the snow was so deep that plows often failed.

When it became apparent that many players would not be able to get out of their lanes, Buffalo Bills coaches and employees took the roads to get them. As Bills said in the article they published, linked above, they got as far as they could before they had to wait.

Players were greeted by fans who were trying to extricate themselves from the chaos. Tracks have been cleared for players to walk to the clearing to meet the team drivers. In some cases, in many cases, Bills players walked as best they could across the snow. In some cases, as Bill points out, it was a case of 1/2 and 3/4 mile often.

Bills figures out the problem and makes it work, and later in the evening, Bills finally boards a plane for Detroit. On social media, there were questions as to why the Bills had waited so long to leave for Detroit knowing the game had moved. The logistics, getting a plane and crew, getting the equipment ready to go and move, along with all the other things that go into travel, isn’t something you wave your hand to magically appear.

For now, it is behind the players who will now play a game while their wives and families are left behind. In many cases they cannot leave their homes. More snow is expected today. Then the Bills have to go home unless they decide to find a way to stay in Detroit for the Thanksgiving game against the Lions on Thursday.

As a Dolphins fan, we see these kinds of movements quite a bit when it’s hurricane season. We know how bad it can be and 77″ of snow is no joke. The Buffalo Bills lost a home game, but Bills, Browns and Lions fans sold out 56,000 tickets in less than 24 hours so the game would still be well represented by the Bills Mafia.

For the league, it’s just a win for playing the game. For the Buffalo Bills, it’s a bittersweet distraction.

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