The movie Never Lies, Mexico/After the 49ers

Budda Baker, the man who was spotlighted on “Hard Knocks” with an emotional speech about how sick he was of losing, wasn’t quite up to it after Monday night’s loss in Mexico against the 49ers, but there was a sting of his feelings.

Asked if he thought everyone on the Cardinals played hard to the end of their lopsided rout, the All-Pro safety quickly said “No I don’t,” though he seemed to understand that going forward wouldn’t do anyone. Good and stop.

Baker is not happy. Nobody’s in that locker room. The season was bumpy at best, and now they have a short week against a mighty Chargers team before a bye. And Baker prefers whatever issues seem to creep in.

“At the end of the day, we’re all grown men,” Baker said. “Women lie, men lie, this movie never lies. Whatever the movie says is what it is.”

The movie would show that the 49ers are good, however, so close in the first half they went into a running game in the second half and the Cardinals just couldn’t handle it.

So what now? Rondel Moore was hurt, and even if the Hollywood Browns come back, would that mean another game without the Cardinals’ top three receivers? What’s going on with Killer Murray? (One report said Murray would not return until after the farewell.)

There are still a lot of questions. There aren’t many answers at the moment.

– Cliff Kingsbury said the Cardinals should see how serious Moore’s groin injury is, but Greg Dortch did a good job as a supplement. And yes, Dortch has pretty much produced whenever he gets the chance this season. He had his first NFL 100-yard game on Monday, though he and Colt McCoy weren’t on the same page in a major game at fourth.

“There were some timing issues that he didn’t have reps for during the week Rondell had all the reps,” McCoy said. “But Greg Dortch is a great footballer. I know Kyler trusts him. I know I trust him. He brings a lot of energy to our football team. And I thought he did a really great job getting going.”

– The official attendance for the game was 78,427, which is a stellar crowd but well below the 100,000 plus Cardinals and 49ers in 2005. A large part of that is due to renovations to the Estadio Azteca which cut some seats but it was far from a better place.

– A sarcastic first half penalty on DeAndre Hopkins might have been the right choice, but it didn’t have to be called, and there’s no doubt that it stopped some of the momentum the Cardinals had. But make no mistake, it ultimately had no real impact on the outcome.

—Said Lowell Hernandez, who was injured and couldn’t play but was able to be the massive Mexican flag bearer that pulled the Cardinals out of the tunnel with pregame prelims.

-Tight end Trey McBride had four catches, doubling his season’s total.

– The Cardinals were concerned about Christian McCaffrey as a receiver, and that proved true. They tried several defenders on him, but he had seven catches for 67 yards and seemed really effective in converting the Lions down the third.

– Max Williams got his first catch of the season, and knowing what he’s been through – and how he’s not healthy yet – was good to see.

That’s enough for tonight. Still a long bus ride to the airport and back home.

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