The NFL memo says the NFLPA alleges collusion in the absence of fully guaranteed QB contracts

When the Cleveland Browns traded for Deshaun Watson and signed the quarterback to an unprecedented fully guaranteed contract in March, NFL owners weren’t happy.

“Damn, I wish they didn’t guarantee the whole contract,” Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti told reporters at NFL meetings last March. “I don’t know that he should have been the first person to get a fully secured contract. For me, that’s groundbreaking, and it will make negotiations more difficult with others.”

Owners like Bisciotti feared that Watson’s deal would set a precedent, and that players coming up for new contracts would push for fully guaranteed deals as well. But starting quarterbacks Las Vegas’s Derrick Carr (April), Arizona’s Kyler Murray (July) and Denver’s Russell Wilson (September) didn’t quite make it in their deals. More importantly, Lamar Jackson chose to end the last year of his contract with the Ravens, because he couldn’t get what Watson got.

And now, the NFLPA claims collusion between the owners is to blame.

According to a memo dated October 20, 2022, sent from league general counsel Jeff Bash to club owners, presidents, general managers and consultants, the NFL has filed a suit alleging that teams and the league colluded to prevent clubs from offering fully guaranteed players. shrinkage. A club official sent the memo to the athlete Another executive with a different team confirmed that he also received the same memo.

The National Federation declined to comment.

The league memo quotes the NFLPA plea, which the athlete He did not see, and the NFL says that ”

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