The real Arizona Cardinals show in Mexico City

Publicity dies between the lines in the NFL. Just like the Arizona Cardinals season on a slippery night in Mexico City.

They lost a must-win game to the 49ers, 38-10. Colt McCoy’s leadership and poise could not penetrate the NFL’s elite defense. With seven losses and six games remaining, they are a dead team going into the NFC playoff picture.

The long-term outlook is far more worrying than any short-term fears.

The 49ers’ dominant victory was a testament to a legitimate Super Bowl contender that is gaining steam as the season unfolds, a team with better health, better conditioning, and a much better roster. It was a sure tribute to the best combination of general manager and head coach. It was a shot at the Cardinals’ $230 million dilemma going forward.

For wit:

From HBO’s friendly storytellers to me Pre-game show on Monday Night FootballMcCoy was praised as exactly the kind of leader necessary to open up Clive Kingsbury’s scheme and an offense full of frustrated playmakers. Former 49er Steve Young pleaded with Murray to go back to school and retrain his brain, just like Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes. Even Larry Fitzgerald seemed to pile on the polarizing Murray in his own wary way.

The truth is, McCoy isn’t nearly enough quarterback to win a championship. And the Cardinals fail miserably to line up and craft the other guy into a Super Bowl-caliber quarterback.

Again, nothing will change in Arizona until something changes. Because the two’s match was not a long battle.

The game was overturned first on a sarcastic DeAndre Hopkins penalty, when the Cardinals’ star receiver celebrated by counting the 49ers who tried to guard him. One. two. Science.

Some Cardinals fans immediately screamed. But self-awareness is an important trait in life, and the NFL called 61 cynical penalties in 2021. Most of them were ridiculous, and yet the league upheld 56 of them. They also vowed to continue their crackdown in 2022, which means Hopkins needs to know better. And in the end, the penalty was another mental error from one of the most undisciplined teams in the NFL.

From there, the biggest play of the season looked like a bug trying to tackle the windshield.

There was also a great subtext accompanying Monday’s game. HBO’s director “big hits” Excited by “shocking” footage One of the events that led to the controversial release of Eno Benjamin from the Cardinals. But on Monday, HBO told Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic There will be no such disclosure. Although, Benjamin’s unhappiness started on the sidelines during the match.

With all their reach and experience, it’s amazing that NFL movies could miss out on such an event.

The show has already received criticism for not framing Cliff Kingsbury’s disingenuous reputation as an NFL head coach. And to ignore Patrick Peterson verbally assaulting Michael Bidwell and Steve Kim after the loss to the Vikings.

Benjamin’s case is different. threatens to limit “big hits” reduced to just a publicity stunt, a sugar-coated look at the included cost of access and behind-the-scenes footage of the NFL. Enjoy at your own risk.

Remember, once you’re in the ball, professional football is brutal and honest. It is black, white and red with blood spots. And all the evidence you need is right there on the field, every week, every game. And again, it wasn’t great for either Cardinals on a pivotal Monday night in Mexico City.

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