The Savannah Enmarket Arena hosts the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments

Don’t tell us, show us. This is how you make an impression.

What is effective in many aspects of life applies to the business of holding events at Savannah’s newest showroom, Enmarket Arena. The facility, which officially opened in February, is so new that it doesn’t have this much track record for sporting events – yet – but it builds on its resume with every event hosted.

“Here’s the thing. It’s not about showing them that’s what you can do,” said Monty Jones Jr., general manager of the Enmarket Arena. “It’s about getting examples of some (events) that you’ve done.”

Enmarket Arena General Manager Monty Jones Jr.

Hence the added significance of this week’s inaugural Hostilo Hoops Community Classic at the Enmarket Arena. The regulation of Division I college basketball has eight women’s teams playing Monday through Wednesday, then off for Thanksgiving, and then a total of 10 men’s teams hitting the court Friday through Sunday.

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