The Thoothukudi River Cattle Breeding Program was conducted to celebrate World Fisheries Day – The New Indian Express

by Express News Service

Thoothukudi: On the occasion of World Fisheries Day, MLA Udhayanidhi Stalin took part in Srivaikuntam anaicut’s River Livestock Breeding Program on Monday, in the presence of Minister for Fisheries and Fishers Anitha R Radhakrishnan. Released more than 2 fingerlings, small and big carp, such as marginal-lipped carp, calpasu and Indian leading carp (IMC) such as rohu and mrigal, into Thamiraparani River.

An official said the remaining fingerlings would be released in other parts of the river. Chepakam-Thiruvellikeni legislator distributed 40% of subsidized cage fishing gear to eight fishermen and 40% of subsidized fish vendor vehicles to another fisherman.

The riverine livestock program aims to prevent the extinction of local carp and increase their numbers. The Union Government has allocated INR 27,000 under the National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) for the period 2021-22 for the stocking of freshwater fish in the Thamiraparani and Cauvery rivers. Accordingly, funds for the cultivation of 10 lakh fingerlings, 7.5 lakh for Thamiraparani and 2.5 lakh for Cauvery were sanctioned. Fingerlings were reared at the Government Fry Farm in Manimutharu.

Information Technology Minister Manu Thangraj, Dr K. Senthil Raj, Commissioner for Fisheries Palanisamy, and Joint Director of Fisheries Amal Xavier.

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