Tiger Woods’ red jersey from the historic Masters team went up for auction Sunday, and is expected to fetch millions

Tiger Woods is considered the greatest golfer of all time by many. A member of the World Golf Hall of Fame, Woods memorabilia has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

With the surge in interest in Tiger Woods-related items, Golden Age Auctions has now put a vintage red Nike Sunday wear shirt up for auction. The jersey in question was worn by the 15-time major champion in the final round of the 2010 Masters.

The auction for the “rare” classic jersey began November 21, 2022, and will run through Saturday, December 10. Interestingly, the opening bid for the jersey was $5,000, roughly half of what the owner paid in the first place. . However, the final price is expected to be in the millions, according to the auctioneers.

Tiger Woods & # 039;  A red shirt for auction (Image via Golf Digest)
Tiger Woods red shirt up for auction (Image via Golf Digest)

Tiger Woods red shirt up for auction

It is worth noting that no Tiger Woods jersey has sold for $100,000 yet. However, sellers want a repeat of the recent sale of Michael Jordan and Diego Maradona soccer jerseys auctions which saw each lot sell for more than $9 million.

Speaking about the shirt being up for auction, Ryan Carey of Golden Age Auctions, as quoted by Golf Digest, said:

“Sports memorabilia worn by the game, especially photo-matched items with a memorable moment or historical event, is setting records around the world this year… Michael Jordan’s jersey was recently sold for $10.1 million at Sotheby’s, Diego Maradona’s football jersey was recently sold Foot $9.3 million.”

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It is noteworthy that the sold shirt was worn by Tiger Woods in 2010, marking his first appearance in the tournament since the s * x scandal. He finished T-4 in the event. According to the sellers, the lack of shirts worn by Woods on the market enhances its value. The shirt was also signed by Woods.

Curry added:

“We think this is the only Sunday red from the Masters tournament that’s ever been auctioned off, and other tournaments may not show up…Usually (Woods’ signature) helps the price a bit, but I think it helps even more with this course. It has a huge inscription that says “2010 Masters Final Round,” and Tiger doesn’t often sign things like that. It’s a huge signing, too. That’s special that he did.”

According to the sellers, Woods memorabilia was first purchased at auction for just $10,780 six years ago. However, they plan to change the fact that the item values ​​are much lower compared to those worn by Jordan and other goats in the sporting world.

he added:

“It was crazy that it went for so little… This is going to go for so much more. A Tiger Woods championship wear jersey didn’t sell for $100,000. Expect that to change with this one.”

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It is worth noting that Tiger irons were sold for $5.156 million in the past. Recently, a fan put up Tiger Woods’ first hole ball in one for auction. Unsurprisingly, Ball sold from his professional debut at the 1996 Senior Milwaukee Open for $186,000 last week.

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