Tobias Harris answers his name again in Sixers trade talks

CAMDEN, NJ — The Philadelphia 76ers got off to an 8-8 start to the season despite the large amount of talent on their roster. A large part of that is mostly down to injuries to the likes of James Harden and Therese Maxie and now even Joel Embiid will be joining them on the sidelines.

Because of a slow start, trade talks have come out on top for the Sixers, and once again, Tobias Harris has been at the center of it all.

Taking salary out of the equation, Harris sacrificed a belly for the Sixers to do all the work. He went from being second choice previously to being fourth choice now as someone who attacks and shoots and he did it without any complaint, so one would assume it would frustrate him to be in these conversations again.

“It doesn’t get me down,” Harris said. “I understand business. I understand the game and I’m a person who allows things to happen the way they will. I know I’ll be fine either way, and all I do is go out and deal with what I can control each day. All other things are out of my control.”

Harris has said in the past that he wants to stay in Philadelphia. He was a big part of this Sixers team on the offensive end. According to NBA stats, he shoots 40.3% from depth with no dribbles. When the Sixers drive in the paint, they can always kick it to Harris and make him drop shots.

Harris added, “What the upper management wants and who wants to do, I’m really thankful and grateful for what I’m doing and the impact I can have on this group and the players on this team.” “I enjoy being here and everything else outside of that that I don’t let affect me. I just go around and worry about how to control everything I can control in this situation.”

With that being said, Harris has been in the business rumors his entire career. He’s been traded four times in his time in the NBA despite his constant play on the floor, so this is nothing new for him.

“Trade rumours, I’ve been into trade rumours, to be honest, since I got into the NBA, so it’s nothing new to me and that’s something that, honestly, doesn’t affect me because I know I’m fine wherever I am,” Harris concluded. “I’m not really emphasizing that.”


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The story originally appeared on Sixers Wire

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