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Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel and coordinators caught up with the media today as the team faces off against Houston on Sunday, November 27. Check out the hottest quotes from their media availability.

(In the process of developing a game plan each week)
“It didn’t take me long to realize how unique and special some of the guys I’ve been fortunate enough to work with, how unique and special they are in their craft. So starting with Coach (Mike) Shanahan, then to Gary Kubiak and then to Kyle Shanahan; those three guys probably kind of So basically what I see while preparing for a rebate, what does that look like. And within that visibility, I’m also very aware and I’ve seen the best results collectively, so for me, what it looks like is watching as much tape as possible on a rebate in a day and a half. So half day Monday and then Every Tuesday and in the process, collecting all the information from the staff by the way they come to my office, providing feedback. We kind of have a nice routine, but it’s not a staff meeting type situation because I feel like you could watch more tapes independently. But then you can just Taking all of those sets of ideas and moving forward tie things together and you’re doing it within your staff Every situation coach has an area of ​​expertise, so they can approach it like they’re the head coach for that situation, whether that’s the red zone, 3rd down, or Qusay yardage, four minutes or back up. All those different situations where instead of having a group of people trying to memorize the inclinations and knowing the opponent inside and out at all stages; Make sure they know they’re responsible and accountable for “Okay, ok, ok, it’s a short walk.” I know who I’m talking to. and bounce through. This is in the game and when you put the game plan together. So this process — the cool thing about it is, what I enjoy most about it is that it’s a group of individuals. And there’s no short cut to a game plan that truly lives up to your players, in my opinion. You don’t just make things up. You’re not just, “Hey, what if we put this guy in here?” These are all – if your game plan is sound, strung together and complete – I say to staff all the time – there has to be a ‘why’ attached to everything you do. That’s every alignment, every proposal, and that’s kind of the way we approach it and the way the staff really came together, understanding that there’s a reason, a reason for every nuance, every variable. And even if the reason isn’t 100 percent accurate, just having a level of detail and being willing to have a reason behind it gives you a good chance of putting players in a position to make a play, and that’s the whole point.”

(about the atmosphere in the building that comes out in the farewell week)
“It feels so great because you’re feeling anxious. Call the scoop, we’re over 500. At this point in the season you have a bye week. Are people feeling comfortable? And the vibe was quite the opposite, exactly what I wanted to see, which is a bunch of confident but Hungry. And that’s what you want to gain from winning football games is confidence, not complacency. I haven’t seen any of that. I see a team that realizes they have a chance in front of them. They also understand how insane the par, as it is every year, is in the National League. Football. In particular, our league, which is first and last is one huge game. I think they have the right mindset. I think they came in refreshed. I asked them to rest on purpose and I feel they did. But they are definitely charged and ready to go do the sport they love and see How far can we take the team?

Aggressive coordinator Frank Smith

(If anything about RB Jeff Wilson Jr. has surprised him since he was acquired by the Dolphins)
“It’s not really what the guys who were with him in San Francisco could really describe. I mean, kind of the hardest thing is sometimes when you’re getting guys, you’re just not aware of it. And obviously having so many guys on the crew and the players that were with him in San Francisco, I think we knew what we were going to get in. We’re fortunate enough that the situation presented itself to get him, especially at this time of year, when you have hope for your future, and then you can bring in guys who can really help solidify where you want to go. With their style of play and who their teammates are. I think we were lucky enough that the situation presented itself then – his energy just adds up that every day is great. I mean, just a guy whose story, like so many on this football team, it earns. And I think we always remember that during “Especially every week, we have to earn it every day. I don’t think you lose track of the success that you have. And you’re always humbled to prove it again and again.”

(On the impact WR Trent Sherfield made)
“Yeah, it’s another guy. I mean, these guys come through different roles. And obviously roles evolve and change as you play. Just what a first team player he is. A physical player. Being able to come here with experience, obviously, with Wes (Welker) and Mike (McDaniel) and John (Embry) from San Francisco. I mean, knowing the player and just knowing his growth, I’m not surprised at all, especially with so many things we’re asking receivers that he should do and how he plays physically in his game. And then Now, being able to see production come through in a passing game is amazing. You can’t speak enough about the guy. We’re lucky enough to have him here. He’s one of those guys whose bottom line maybe sometimes doesn’t show how important he is to us, but he is One of those guys who’s really an integral part of our attack, I think he’s an excellent team-mate.

Defense coordinator Josh Boyer

(About the defense story during 10 games so far)
“I think we’re still developing. I don’t think we’ve played our best ball yet, and I think we’re getting closer and closer to that. I think it’s all situational. There are things we did well in the early downs, and there are some things we can improve on. I think Third place is something we’ll continue to work on and improve on. Two-minute situations, and sometimes things don’t show up in games, but there are things that do work, because you never know when they’ll happen. Sometimes they can be the biggest situations in the game. So I think it’s evolving. The common theme was that our players welcomed adversity. They didn’t change. They didn’t waver. Their work ethic, the time they spend outside of what is required of them, has been admirable. I think these guys have done a very good job, and we’re all trying to improve.”

(On what LB Elandon Roberts does better than he has in years past)
“Well, first I want to give credit to Coach Campanile (Linebackers coach Anthony Campanile), who really worked not only on his running shifts, which Ellandon (Roberts) has done a lot since he was in the league, but really worked with him on his breaks, his lightness. His movement, his passes go down. Last year, Ellandon was the tough guy, he came out of his ACL (injury) really quickly. It was impressive that he was ready to go the first week a year ago. And I think he’s better health-wise, and like I said, “Camp” (Linebackers coach Anthony Campanile) worked really well with him, in terms of his movement. I think that’s one thing from the Cleveland game that we’ve seen, he drops a lot of his area, breaks, drives, no-yardages after catches, which again, we’re continuing. In pursuit as a defensive group, not just Elandon. But I will favor Ellandon and his work ethic and his desire to be the best and Coach Campanile who dug a lot of that with him.”

Special Teams Coordinator Danny Crossman

(About how cool it was not to play for the Browns)
“I’ll tell you what, and I – not up front, but I top it off with this, it’s great that you don’t have any kicks, but no turnovers on top of that, that’s where you really talk about the good sequel to football. Not turning the ball over and not having any hits , That’s cool. But yeah, it’s fun that they’re enjoying it. Again, if we don’t turn the ball over and we don’t throw the ball, good things will happen to the Miami Dolphins.”

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