Turks beware – of golf balls

Bidwill Ladies Golf Club held the Turkey Championship last week as they counted three holes a back nine and a six hole front nine in their match.

The many turkeys roaming the track were safe for another year and so was the deer that made the track their year-round home.

Low-total first flight: Debbie McDermont, 86. Game: 1, Sheila McMurphy, 32.5; 2, Pam Coleman, 38. Second trip low total: Cheryl Vermillion, 102. The game: 1. Liz Mosher, 36.5 cards out; 2, Rachel Graham, 36.5; 3, May Galloway, 39. Third trip low total: Suzanne Pease, 113. Match: 1, Melody Johnson, 38.5; 2, Sue Blaisman, 46.5.

Table Mountain Golf Course

Sally Steammen had a low total in the Table Mountain Golf Club Women’s Shootout Championship match in Turkey last week with a score of 78.

Liz Coleman fired 7-under her handicap to record 65 net to claim the low net worth titles.

First flight: 1, Liz Hoffling, 73; 2, Dana Blanton, 74, split; 3, Sue Snow, 74. Ride 2: 1, JoAnne Jircitano, 68; 2, Eileen Thomas, 73; 3, Judy Thompson, 75. Third Flight Mary Halosky, 67; 2, Pete Powell, 71; 3, Verna Gordon, 78. Closest to the pin at No. 7: Sherry Sue.

Two members of the Table Mountain Women’s Golf Club, Tracy Cvetkovic and Debra Miller, traveled to the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort in Indian Wells last week and took part in the NCGA Women’s Palm Springs Classic.

The three-day tournament was held at Desert Willow, Classic Club and Shadow Ridge Resort courses. Both players held their own in the 3-day event, finishing in the top 10, but they didn’t bring home the bacon or turkey.

Canyon Oaks Country Club

The Canyon Oaks Men’s Golf Club held in November last week.

The tournament saw another good turnout from its members, thanks no doubt to the efforts of the Senior Men’s Club President and Tournament President, Bob Cromer.

The format was three men’s teams playing a “Net Best 27”, in which before teeing off on the next tee, each team decided how many net scores (0-3) to keep from the previous slot.

Each team needed 27 net scores scored before the end of the round.

Jim Moon, Bob O’Sullivan and George Palmer took first with a score of 56. Peter Finkel, Paul Muntz and Greg Webb’s team shot a 59 for second. The team of Alex McKenzie, Tom Bibas and Jim Ponzio was third with 61 points, along with the team of Rick Barrett, Art Schreiber and Lee Watrous.

Closest to Winners: No. 3, Barrett; No. 6, Paul McIntosh; No. 11, Tarrous; No. 14, Dave Kelly.

Also getting into the holiday spirit, the Canyon Oaks Women’s Golf Club plays a three-player, “Turkey Trot, Side Step Scramble” in its weekly game. The player whose shot was selected is not allowed to hit the next shot. Game: 1, Geena Davis, Cathy Edgar and Sally Pearson, 70 years old; 2, Linda Arellano, Nancy Dooley and Cynthia Paolo, 72. Closest to 14: 1, Vicky Spelts; 2, international; 3, Paolo.

Butte Creek Country Club

The Butte Creek Senior Men’s Club had their period last week, after breakfast, which was included in the admission fee.

The “Goodie” tournament format was individual medal play. Active breezes and “slippery” greens accounted for higher than normal degrees.

Low overall was Mike Rutledge on the day with 78 points. 2, tie, Royal Hockley and Kevin Parish, 77. 4, tie, Mark Plowski and Tom Beckmann, 78; 6, Dave Smith, 79; 7, Adam Harrison, 80; 8. Rovan the Younger. Winners can choose a pie or cookies of their choice.

The Butte Creek Shoot Women’s Golf Club has resided in Turkey for its weekly tournament.

The prizes given to the top contestants were gift cards to Great Harvest Bread Co.

First ride: 1, Sherri Kimmelshue, 72; 2, Jenny Stone, 75; 3, Kai Cordziel, 76. Ride 2: 1, Connie Anderson, 69 (daytime low); 2, Karen Beckman, 73; 3, Darlene Thomason, 74. Closest to the pin at No. 17: Sandy Fortino (first flight); Connie Anderson (The Second Journey).

Amazing shots

Greg Webb scored his second eagle on the par 7 hole at Canyon Oaks recently. Webb’s mates Pete Finkle and Lou Radisich watched Webb’s 135-yard par 8-iron find the bottom of the Cup on the 345-yard, four-hole.

happy thanks giving!

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