Warzone 2.0: The best console settings

While skill is certainly important in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0.1 Update, as well as your game settings. Enabling the wrong setting can lead to your death, so it’s best to make sure you get everything sorted out ahead of time. When looking at a game’s settings, it’s easy to get overwhelmed (even on a console), but luckily, we’ve got everything you need to know in this guide. These are the best Warzone 2.0 console settings.

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Warzone 2.0 console settings.

input device

correction input device observer


Edit button layout tactical (personal preference)
L1/L2 and R1/R2 inversion off (personal preference)
Advance planning stick shortening
Controller vibration About
Trigger effect About


Horizontal stick sensitivity high 7
Vertical stick sensitivity 6
ADS sensitivity multiplier 0.70
sensitivity multiplier 1.00
vertical aiming axis Basic


Target visible behavior Catch
Change the enlargement of the shared entry Enemy / tactical enemy / focus
focus behaviour Catch
Auto enemy Automatic tactical enemy
equipment behaviour Catch
Gunslinger activation ADS + TIFF
Reload interaction/behavior Prioritize interaction
armor plate behavior apply all


aim help

Aim Aim Help on me
Aiming assistance type shortening

Rotational correction

rotation behaviour About
gravity vectors About
Horizontal rotation sensitivity Unavailable
Vertical rotation sensitivity Unavailable
Horizontal rotation reflection About
Vertical reflection gyroscope About


Target response curve type Moving
ADS sensor. multiple [focus] 1.00
ADS sensitivity transmission timing immediately
Custom sensitivity for each magnification Play (personal preference)
deadzone input personal preference

movement behaviours

Enemy/Tactical Enemy Behavior switch
Auto move forward About
tactical enemy behaviour double click
floor rack About
Airborne automatic rack partial
Automatic floor rack About
Reverse sliding and diving behavior Basic
Drowning underwater Dive freely
Parachute automatic deployment About
Smash the running door on me
Bezel suspension rack behavior rack only

fighting behaviours

Swap the ADS stick About
Control replacement backpack About
ADS interrupt behavior Cuts
Exit gun mount movement on me
Delaying the release of weapons short
Depleted ammo weapon key on me
C4 fast detonation on me

vehicle behaviors

A more modern vehicle camera short delay
The initial position of the camera Free look

overlay behaviors

delay wheel ping Moderate
Double-click delay ping risk Moderate


Graphics settings in Warzone 2.0.

Details and textures

Customized fabric flow running (if applicable)
Custom texture cache size to me
Enable download limits About
Daily download limit Unavailable

post-treatment effects

global motion blur About
Blur weapon movement About
film grain 0.00
depth of field About
FidelityFX CAS on me
The power of FidelityFX CAS 50


The refresh rate is 120 Hz on me
field of view 100 (personal preference)
ADS field of view affected
field of view of the weapon shortening
Third person field of view 80
vehicle field of view shortening
Camera movement in first person view shortening [100%]
Camera movement from a third person perspective shortening [100%]
ADS transmission from a third person perspective Third person ads
Viewer default camera Game perspective
High Dynamic Range (HDR) on me
HDR brightness 1,000

My voice

Warzone 2.0 audio settings.


audio mix Headphone bass boost
master size 100
layer of music 0
dialog volume 0
The size of the effects 100
The size of the strokes mark 100
mono sound About
Mono quantity Unavailable


subtitles personal preference
Translation volume personal preference
Subtitles background opacity personal preference

voice chat

voice chat Play (personal preference)
The last voice talk conversation Play (personal preference)
Chat up close Play (personal preference)
Voice chat device Earphone
Open microphone recording threshold 70 (personal preference)
Voice chat volume 60 (personal preference)
Microphone test About
Microphone volume 100


Mute yourself when calling About
Game audio channel All lobby

Advanced sound settings

juggernaut music About
Hit the mark sound effects MW
Reduce tinnitus About

user interface

Interface settings in Warzone 2.0.


List text size default (personal preference)
Text chat text size default (personal preference)
Blur text chat background personal preference
Text chat message duration personal preference
Select Language personal preference
Color customization personal preference


subtitles all off (personal preference)
Translation volume shortening
Subtitles background opacity 0


Mini map format Field
Minimap rotation on me
horizontal compass on me
Crosshairs on me
Cross swaying About
Hit the visuals marks on me
Signs of injury based on damage on me
Player names abbreviated
Vehicle HUD prompts Fade out after 5 seconds


Telemetry habit
Server latency on me
packet loss on me
Wall Clock on me
call counter About

Advanced interface settings

Play tips on me
hints on me
Parallax effects on me
center point About
Center point scale shortening

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