Water quality trends in the upper Mississippi River

AMES, Iowa – Lauren Salvato, Director of Policy and Programs for the Upper Mississippi River Basin Association, will be the featured presenter during the Iowa Learning Farms Conservation webinar on November 30 at noon.

Salvato has been working with UMBRA since 2018, focusing on water resources and politics in her natural resource management efforts. Its work also includes clean water and ecosystem restoration initiatives.

Iowa Learning Farms is an Iowa State University extension and outreach program on water conservation and water quality.

In the webinar, “Water Quality Trends in the Upper Mississippi River, 1989-2018,” Salvato will discuss progress and concerns with water quality in the region. Noting that water quality generally improved between 1989 and 2018, it will highlight different pollutants of concern that showed different trends.

Salvato will share data showing declines in ancient heavy metals, sediments, and phosphorous, demonstrating that public and private investments in water quality management have been beneficial and effective. It will also cover data showing increases in nitrogen and chloride, contemporary or emerging pollutants of concern, a problem that requires a collaborative five-nation approach to address effectively.

“The Upper Mississippi River Basin is a nationally important economic, environmental, social and cultural resource that requires balanced, integrated and collaborative management approaches to address water quality issues,” said Salvato. “The research presented at this webinar and the ongoing activities and research can provide valuable insights to all stakeholders as well as those in the region who are charged with managing this vital resource.”

Participants are encouraged to ask questions of the presenters. People from all backgrounds and areas of interest are encouraged to join.

Instructions for accessing the webinar

To take part in the live webinar, shortly before noon CST November 30:

The seminar will also be recorded and archived. All archived webinars are available on the ILF website, so they can be viewed at any time.

Has applied for a Continuing Education Unit accredited by the Crop Advisor Board of Directors. Those who participate in the live webinar are eligible. Information on how to apply for a CEU will be provided at the end of the live webinar.

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Shareable image: Lauren Salvato, of the Upper Mississippi River Basin Association, will present during the Iowa Learning Farms webinar on November 30.

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