Weekly Starters: Boston College football is right where we left off

Losing to UConn was a breaking point for many. In my short time as a Boston College football fan thus far, I’ve never seen more fans tell me they’ve given up on the team and won’t be watching any more games. As a BC Interception starter and die-hard BC fan, I don’t have that luxury, so I went straight to work and was lucky enough to see a totally unexpected win against a top-ranked NC State team.

But after Saturday’s 44-0 embarrassment against Notre Dame, Boston College football is right as many fans let it go. Incapable of offense, exaggerated in defense, and generally unenthusiastic. If a win over the Wolfpack brought fans back inside, this loss brought them right back in.

Given the Boston College offense, it’s fairly easy to understand what happened. The offensive line was as bad as it had been all season, exacerbated by the fact that all of the starters had the flu. The quarterback was an error-prone freshman facing one of the toughest defenses in college football, turning 5 turnovers in the first half alone and effectively eliminating any scoring opportunity. The weather was not conducive to a heavy offense, and play was uninspiring as usual.

These are no excuses, just plain reasons as to why Boston College was useless to go on the offensive against the Fighting Irish. Every part is a clear weak point and every part can be addressed in the off-season, along with many other issues. And with one week left, there’s not much left to do in 2022.

On the other hand, the defense suffers from structural problems without clear solutions. They looked completely overpowered and undersized against Notre Dame’s rushing attack. They gave off huge plays in the air and on the ground. They left the Irish score on 8 consecutive drives to start the game, 6 of which were drives of over 40 yards. Defense is supposed to be a source of pride for Jeff Hafley’s team, especially the secondary, but they seem to be getting worse as more Hafley recruits come in and the unit takes the shape he envisioned. These recruits are still lower tier, so Coach Havley has time to prove his methods can work, but rapid improvement is the only option at this point. If Havley’s supposed fourth-year powerhouse still looked like that, his tenure would have been completely disrupted.

Moving forward, we have Syracuse on the roster this week for Senior Day and the last game for this team. Cuse is on his own death spiral, losing 5 in a row after starting the season on a 6-game winning streak. I can definitely see the Eagles coming off this win despite all of the problems I mentioned above. The ACC is just mediocre, and it’s a shame BC couldn’t build a better team to take advantage of.

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