What Isaac Rochelle of the Cleveland Browns and other NFL stars eat in one day

To stay on top of their game, NFL professional football players have to stay on top of their exercise and diet on a daily basis.

Having all the skills in the world isn’t enough to make the grade on your own – staying fit and eating the right foods are all part of what it takes to become an elite athlete.

Diets can vary for different reasons, with each game mode requiring different food plans in order for the player to be fit, healthy, and ready to go in the beginning.

Many players share their daily routines on social media as they look to inspire fans to follow a healthy regimen.

One of those players, Cleveland Browns defensive end Isaac Rochelle said Newsweek about his diet and the restrictions he puts on himself in order to stay ready to perform.

Isaac Rochelle of the Cleveland Browns shared his diet and meal plans, which keep him in top shape to perform in the NFL every week.
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Speaking about his current meal plan, Rochelle said, “I try to focus on foods that are lower in fat. I also choose lower-fat forms of protein and complex carbohydrates.

“I struggled for years with my body fat percentage, but once I started focusing on my fat intake, I was able to shed body fat.”

It can be difficult to stick to a diet, but Rochelle shared the importance of doing so.

He said, “I usually stick to this diet philosophy 80 percent of the time. I’m definitely not perfect but I give myself the best chance of success when I’m just focused on ‘winning a meal.'”

Rochell’s diet and food plan is designed to keep him within his weight and body fat restrictions and he shared how he does it. He said, “Yeah, I try to stay down from 262 pounds and under 13 percent body fat. It fluctuates but that fluctuation is mainly about my eating choices throughout the week.”

Isaac Rochelle
The Cleveland Browns defensive end, seen in a game against the New England Patriots, said he loves visiting a steakhouse when he can have a cheat night on his diet.
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There are times, though, when he can indulge – and have a meal ready when he’s got a free set of food to eat whatever he wants.

The NFL star said, “I love steak dinners! If I choose to have a cheat meal, it will always be at my favorite steakhouse.”

When the season is over, it’s not time to let the diet slack. In fact, Rochelle said he should get a little tougher with himself… after a few weeks of leniency.

He said: “After the off-season, I usually take a few weeks to not think about my food, and then switch to a very strict version of my diet.

“This usually consists of protein, brown rice, and vegetables per meal…and yes, that includes breakfast!”

Chris Gronkowski, who played for the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, and Denver Broncos during his NFL career, is another person who has been open about what he eats.

said the former linebacker, who is now a businessman Newsweek What the Denver Broncos had on offer when it came to their daily diet.

Players are given a comprehensive eating plan and the booklet specifies a number of meals that can be eaten, depending on the amount of calories they need.

Gronkowski shared what was on offer to start the day with the Broncos: “Here are three breakfast recommendations from the Denver Broncos. The first is the 800-calorie option.”

He said, “Three egg omelets, a cup of mixed fruit, yogurt and 100 percent fruit juice, or the second option is two cups of oatmeal with dried fruit, an English muffin with peanut butter and agave nectar (honey) and 100 percent fruit juice.”

Gronkowski went on to list the third option, which was: “Three patties, two strips of turkey bacon or chicken sausage with 100% fruit juice or fruit shake. One serving of hash brown.”

“As an additional option,” he said, there was an opportunity to eat: “A bowl of yogurt and granola with fruit. A fruit shake or 100 percent fruit juice with a bowl of oatmeal with butter and brown sugar.”

Gronkowski also shared on TikTok what he’s eating now as he keeps fit and continues his weight training.

Eric Armistead
Defensive end Eric Armstead of the San Francisco 49ers looks on against the Los Angeles Rams at Levi’s Stadium on October 3, 2022
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Speaking to the camera, the footballer said: “I start it off with one of my absolute favorites, a double batch of protein pancakes and about an hour after breakfast I crush the lift, here’s a post-workout shake – a scoop and a half cup of protein powder and a half cup of oatmeal And you have to drink it from an ice shaker bottle.

“Lunch today is chicken meatballs, with 1/2 cup of rice and a bag of green beans—they’re filling and low in calories.

“Favorite dinner is the turkey burger with bun and pickles – I love this, I love the ketchup way so much and this is new today, pumpkin puree protein.

“So there you have it, crush some weights too and you’ll start to see results.”

Eric Armistead
Arik Armstead of the San Francisco 49ers shared his daily diet as he recovers from a foot and ankle injury. He said he would eat bison and broccoli as part of this.
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San Francisco 49ers defensive end Eric Armistead has also spoken about his diet. It’s been a bit different lately as he’s recovering from foot and ankle injuries, which kept him sidelined for several weeks.

He said: “I am on a high protein diet at the moment because I have not been able to exercise as much as I would like due to my injury.

“I don’t want to eat a bunch of carbs that I can’t burn off in practice.

“I usually have three protein shakes a day. In the morning I had egg whites, spinach, chicken sausage, maybe some potatoes, then lunch and dinner are just protein and veggies.

“I would have bison and broccoli, whatever my favorite protein that day and a bunch of veggies.”

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