What Ronald Acuna Jr. 2022 reveals about his future

Ronald Acuña Jr.’s comeback from an ACL injury resulted in worse numbers in many areas. What does this mean for his future?

The Atlanta Braves were ecstatic at how quickly Ronald Acuna Jr. was able to get back on the team after he tore his right ACL in 2021. His season has been up and down, and while the final numbers weren’t what we’re used to, they weren’t too bad. In fact, Acuña made the cuts in the 2022 Top 10 Braves standings.

Through the first 27 games of the season, Acuña Jr. appeared to make a comeback. He started 26 games and posted a whopping 0.945 runs per second with a slash of .320/.411/.534. Over the next 40 games, Acuña Jr. fell behind. to an average of 0.219, 0.313 OBP and 0.300 SLG.

The effects of Acuna’s injury will continue into 2022

The up and down season continued in Acuña. Throughout the year, he often needed rest due to soreness in his surgically repaired knee. He was caught stealing more than anyone in the league despite only playing in 119 games. Acuña’s slugging percentage was the lowest of his career. In fact, this is the only season on his resume to have an average of under . 518. He finished over 100 points short of his career low with a . 413 SLG.

One of these things is not like the other!

knockout ratios

  • 2018: .552
  • 2019: .518
  • 2020: .581
  • 2021: .596
  • 2022: .413

The 2022 release of Acuña is rated at just 8th above average (OAA) percentage and 28th percentile in jumping outfielders. Acuña had never had a negative OAA score at RF in his career prior to 2022. He finished last season with a negative six.

It was clear that the knee was bothering him. In late September, Acuña was playing with what he described as “terrible” knee pain.

While his sprint speed was located at the eighty-second, it was by far the lowest of his career. Acuña had never finished with less than 95.3% among all MLB players in sprint speed prior to 2022. While his speed suffered from a torn ACL, it was still good. Even the struggling Acuna was still among the fastest players in the league.

Positives from Ronald Acuna Juniors 2022

  • 88th percentile in exit speed.
  • 98th percentile at maximum exit speed.
  • 92 percent of those severely affected.
  • 95 percent in xwOBA.
  • 85th percentile in xBA.
  • 92nd percentile in xSLG.
  • 88 percent per barrel.
  • The seventy-second percentile is in the BB%.
  • The 82nd percentile in sprint speed.
  • The 100th percentile in arm strength…let’s go!

While his actual slugging percentage was much lower than normal, his xSLG drafts should have been much higher at .486. Granted, the .486 xSLG is still by far the lowest of his career. all things considered, It’s a good sign Because it wasn’t 100% this season.

How long will it take Ronald Acuna Jr to be 100% healthy?

Atlanta Braves star Ronald Acuña Jr. suffered a torn ACL on July 11 of 2021. He returned in 2022 on April 28. That’s just over nine months to the day he tore his ACL. According to the Mayo Clinic website, it takes 8 to 12 months for an athlete to return to their sport after an ACL tear.

The Journal of Arthroscopy published a study of MLB players returning from anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. The study included 26 players between 1999-2012. In the study, players who recovered played 21.2% fewer games compared to the previous season. This is interesting because they played less than the incomplete season as they injured themselves. Acuña’s team outsold 2021 by 45%.

This injury is not terribly common among major league baseball players and usually occurs while playing defense out of the field. One player we can look to as an example is Phillies’ Kyle Schwarber.

Kyle Schwarber (then with the Cubs) suffered a torn ACL in 2016, and while playing in 129 games the following season, scored 99 pps+. Since 2018 he has posted 125 OPS+.

The season after his return he improved his career runs from . 782 to . 823.

Considering Acuña’s performance through his knee pain last season, and the idea that he’ll get a full rest period, I think Acuña Jr. It will return to sustainable star level in 2023. What do you think? Will Acuña ever return to full health? Will it never be the same? Let us know in the comments.

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