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It’s a good time to start looking at the NFL playoffs and which teams have a chance at winning the championship. We may only be in Week 12, with three Thanksgiving games this week all featuring Super Bowl contenders, but the stretch is coming. You know how these things are. We’ll say “It’s only week 12,” but then it’ll be late December and we’ll talk about how the season went. With some legitimate contenders – and some sneaky pretenders – what teams can actually lift the Lombardy Trophy?

Mitch Moss and Polly Howard spent part of Tuesday’s edition of The Follow the money They talk about the teams they think can win the Super Bowl.

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Super Bowl LVII odds (Kings of the Draft)

Kansas City Chiefs +450
Buffalo Bills +450 Philadelphia Eagles +550 San Francisco 49ers +700 Dallas Cowboys +1000 Baltimore Ravens +1100 Miami Dolphins +1800 Minnesota Vikings +1800 Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1800 Cincinnati Bengals +2500 Tennessee Titans +3000 Los Angeles Chargers +4000 Seattle Seahawks + 5,000 New England Patriots +7,000 New York Giants +8,000 Washington Captains +10,000 New York Jets +10,000 Green Bay Packers +15,000 Atlanta Falcons +15,000 New Orleans Saints +15,000 Los Angeles Rams +20,000 Cleveland Browns +20,000 Jacksonville Jaguars +20,000 Detroit Lions + 25,000 Arizona Cardinals +30,000 Indianapolis Colts +30,000 Las Vegas Raiders +30,000 Denver Broncos +50,000 Pittsburgh Steelers +50,000 Carolina Panthers +80,000 Houston Texans +100,000 Chicago Bears +100,000

Picture of the AFC play-off match

Crazier things have happened, but the AFC’s odds show six teams in the running, as the Chiefs (+215), Bills (+215), Ravens (+600) and Dolphins (+900) appear to have the best chances of representing a conference in the Super Bowl. The Bengals (+1200) and Titans (+1400) command some respect according to predictions, but no other teams are below +2500.

Kansas City leads the AFC West by three games over the Chargers now after Sunday Night Football, the second-largest lead behind the Vikings in the NFC North.

NFC Image Separator

The Eagles are still the +225 favorites to win the NFC, but the grueling 49ers are +350 after Monday Night Football’s win over the Cardinals. San Francisco doesn’t even have a division lead, but many think this is easily a top five team. The Cowboys (+450), Vikings (+600), and Buccaneers (+800) are all in single digits. The Seahawks are next at +2000, but keep in mind that wild cards have to hit the road, so there’s a huge advantage to winning the division.

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