Yahoo Plays and Strategy for Tuesday, November 22nd

On Monday, the NHL was very busy. Tuesday, only four teams in action. None of them played the night before, so at least they’ll rest. Still a chance for some NHL DFS. These are the people to target and avoid in your DFS lineup.


Igor ShesterkinNYR at LOS ($35): I considered shooting a volley at Craig Anderson, but eventually decided it was worth going with one goalkeeper on the list that you could really trust. The winning kicker, Vezina has a 2.34 GAA and a . 917 save percentage. Los Angeles plays midfield attackers, so I’m not too worried about the Russian goalkeeper in this match.

target to be avoided

Craig AndersonBUF in MON ($31): I said I thought of Anderson, so now I’ll go into why I decided against it. His save percentage of 0.910 is the second highest among the four guards expected to start on Tuesday. The Canadiens had also put up the fewest shots at the net in each of these four teams. However, Anderson is 41 years old, and he has a . 901 save percentage over the past six seasons. In the end, I couldn’t trust him enough on the road to make him a goalkeeper in my lineup.


Dylan CousinsBUF in MON ($16): Cozens has a real opportunity to contribute to the Sabers lineup this season. The 21-year-old averages 17:10 in ice time, as well as 2:52 per game with the extra man. This helped him score 12 points in 18 games. Meanwhile, Jake Allen has a 3.33 GAA and a 0.98 save percentage.

center to avoid

Anzi Copitar, LOS vs. NYR ($17): Well, you look at the expected starters in the net, and avoiding the relatively high-paid guy facing the best goalkeeper in the bunch by a mile makes sense. Furthermore, the Rangers only allowed 28.2 shots at the net per game. Kopitar has only had 37 shots on goal through 21 appearances, so while he makes play, he doesn’t attack.


Jeff SkinnerBUF in MON ($17): Skinner kicked forward with five goals on 38 shots and seven assists in his last 12 games. It helps that he starts 60.3 percent of his spells in the attack area, which is the second highest on a sword. Montreal has allowed 33.2 shots on target per contest, and as you point out Allen has an . 898 save percentage.

Jimmy VeeseNYR at LOS ($12): Vesey recently got a chance to play in the senior line alongside Mika Zibanijad and Chris Kreider. He also has four points in his last five games. The Kings don’t allow a lot of shots at the net, which is why they “only” have a 3.38 GAA because Jonathan Quick has a . 892 save percentage.

Wings should be avoided

Gabriel Villardi, LOS vs. NYR ($15): Vilardi came out of the gate on fire, scoring 10 goals. However, he has no points in his last seven matches. Even still, the 20.8 percent shooting is due to more backtracking. Facing a goalkeeper with a 2.34 GAA and 0.917 save percentage is unlikely to help.

Josh AndersonMON vs. BUF ($11): I don’t want to just recommend avoiding the Kings, I turn to the Canadians. Craig Anderson has a save percentage of 0.910, which I may not trust in the long run, but it’s a fact. Anderson from the Habs isn’t as prolific a shooter as his teammates like Cole Cofield, and he’s not quite as stalwart as Kirby Dash. He has three points in his last two games, but his five goals have come on just 31 shots at the net over 16 games.


Jacob ovenNYR at LOS ($16): Soil is unfortunately a model so far. He’s put 57 shots over the net over 19 games, which is solid for a defenseman, but he doesn’t have any goals. Last year, Trueba scored 11 goals on 204 shots on goal. Over his last five seasons, Quick has a . 899 save percentage, so pucks on goal often get results when he’s in the net.

Owen BauerBUF in MON ($15): The rookie outfielder averaged 23:45 in ice time per game, though it was easy minutes. He averaged 2:11 a night with the extra man and started 59.8 percent of his shifts in the offensive zone, third in most saber shifts. Power has no aim, and he shoots a lot less than Trouba so he’s not unlucky, but he does have eight assists. Canadians, meanwhile, have a 3.50 GAA.

defense to avoid

Rasmus DalinBUF in MON ($27): Dahlen’s been great, but his paycheck is colossal. His shooting average is likely to drop by 10.9 percent given his career average of 5.6 percent this season. Also, half of Dahlin’s points came on the power play. Surprisingly, the Canadians have the top 10 penalty kicks.

Drew Doty, LOS vs. NYR ($17): The argument against using Kings players against Shesterkin has been brought up many times now. Doughty has also not had a goal in his last 18 matches.

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