Discuss DeBoer Extension, Apple Cup, Employment

Men from Dawgman.com – Kim Greenolds, Chris Fitters, and Scott Ecklund – Get up early today to discuss this week’s big news, extension to Caline DeBoera necklace.

Washington’s first-year head coach, on the cusp of a 10-win regular season, has been extended by the school, which means he will receive an additional $1 million for the 2023 season over his original contract. There are also “longevity payments” that will pay him up to $2 million. Additional dollars until 2028 if it stays that long.

The guys debate the timing of the announcement, especially with the rumor that Nebraska had DeBoer on their shortlist. It should come as no surprise that there are two of the more well known names – DeBoer and Kansas Head Coach Lance Leipold -they are locked up by their school before the college football practice cycle even starts rolling.

The guys also talked about the upcoming Apple Cup game, which will be played on Saturday at Martin Field in Pullman. Only four players were on the team the last time the Huskies traveled to the Palouse – Jackson KirklandAnd the Henry BenifaloAnd the Alex CookAnd the Peyton Henry. This means that UW will essentially travel a brand new team to Pullman, so what will that look like, and how much will they use their recent experience in Oregon to give them the confidence to win on the road again?

After a quick break, Kim and Scott break down recent UW recruiting news, starting with the news this week that the Washington quarterback is committing to the recruiting class of 2023, Lincoln Kinnholz, will make an official visit to the Michigan-Ohio State game in Columbus. How successful was Kienholz’s transition from UW to Ohio State? And if he backs away from Washington, what are UW’s options for trying to fill that opening? Will they be looking to flip a player committed to another school? Would they simply rely on the Transfer Gate to fill the need, as they did Michael Bennix Jr? Worked fine.

What about other prospects who visited UW officially this past weekend? Scott gives them an update, then the guys give their final thoughts on DeBoer’s contract extension and enlistment.

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