1 The goal of trading in the Middle East Padres should be clear at the right time

The San Diego Padres may have two-thirds of their home court closed thanks to the presence of Juan Soto and Trent Grisham, but the potential loss of Jorickson Provar in free agency could create a gap that AJ Preller is looking to fill in a rather big fashion.

While there aren’t many opposing players in that hall in Goldilocks territory where they can make a long-term impact without costing a fortune, the relative paucity of outside corner prospects in the majors’ close farm system has left the left with a big question mark.

Assuming they didn’t move Fernando Tatis Jr. into that part of the field, Briler’s business instincts could lead him to the AL East and to a suddenly struggling Boston Red Sox for assists. However, this may not be the wisest choice he ever made.

Given the fact that Chaim Bloom often looks to part ways with strong players in the name of saving money, MassLive’s Chris Cotillo suggested outfielder Alex Verdugo might be on the move. 28 batting average in three seasons, there aren’t a lot of Verdugo offerings that could make him an upgrade over Profar.

San Diego Padres should avoid acquiring Alex Verdugo.

Verdugo, who was the biggest chip Boston had in the Mookie Betts deal, has an OPS+ 105 the last two seasons, hitting just 24 home runs despite a very friendly game. While he has a 71x, a lack of energy and a below-average walking rate aren’t ideal.

While he has an arm cannon, he has posted a negative DWAR in back to back seasons. His six stolen bases show he’s no threat on baserunners, and his 244 average in late close scenarios attests to the theory that he’s not worth giving up on higher expectations.

With Grisham, a Gold Glove winner, in midfield and Tatis-less infield remaining one of the best defensive units in the game, Verdugo’s skills on the field may not necessarily be enough to move the needle. If Tatis is staying in the field, the two most acceptable options for left fielders are to put Profar back or take a bigger swing.

Verdugo wouldn’t be a worthwhile commercial addition to the Padres unless the power rose to the point where Pop Provar’s music became expendable. This probably won’t happen over the course of one season.

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