a crime? defense? trade? All Chicago Bears #3 Pick Explored Scenario

The Chicago Bears are 3-8. The quarterback is injured, and their next schedule either features teams in the playoffs or teams that have already beaten them this year. That’s why many believe there’s a strong possibility this team will land one of the top picks in the 2023 draft. Current projections have them sitting third overall, the same spot they kept in the 2017 draft. This time around, they won’t be looking for a quarterback. It makes the possible outcomes more interesting.

GM Ryan Bowles knows their roster needs a serious infusion of talent. They don’t have any stars outside of Justin Fields. There are some promising names like Jaquan Brisker and Darnell Mooney. Not much outside of them. If this team is going to regain its footing in the NFC, they need top-tier players. Choosing your top five options gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that. The obvious question is which players might take them on, assuming they retain control of that spot. Here’s a full exploration of every scenario that seems likely next spring.

The Chicago Bears have many options if they end up in third place overall

a crime

Possible options:

  • Peter Skowronski (OT, Northwest)
  • Paris Johnson Jr. (OT, Ohio)
  • Olu Fashanu (OT, Pennsylvania)
  • Quentin Johnston (WR, TCU)

Justin Fields is starting to thrive. Everything points to the Poles investing heavily in the young midfielder with every available resource. The Bears haven’t used a first-round pick on an offensive player (non-QB) since 2015. This has to change at some point. 2023 seems to be the year you need an offensive tackle. Experts see three of the top 10 prospects in Skoronski, Johnson and Fashanu. Skoronski appears to be the safer option. He is big, strong, experienced and athletic enough to play on either side.

Fashanu seems to be the guy with the high ceiling. He’s naturally obsessed with sporting a dancing bear, his long arm, and smooth pass protection basics. The scariest part is that he is only 20 years old. Not fully matured yet. Johnson Jr. is a combination of the two, a good, experienced athlete but not unique to any class. He does have the advantage of being former Fields teammates, though. Then there is Johnston. Most don’t see him as a top five pick, but he’s ridiculously talented at 6’4 with legitimate deep speed.


Possible options:

  • Will Anderson (Edge, Alabama)
  • Jalen Carter (DT, Georgia)
  • Kelly Ringo (CB, Georgia)
  • Miles Murphy (Edge, Clemson)

Ask most draft experts and they seem to agree that the defensive side of the ball holds the most star power outside of the quarterbacks this year. Anderson is the darling of the group. Many compare him to Vaughn Miller and Micah Parsons. It’s easy to understand because he’s had 32.5 sacks and 55 tackles for loss in his college career. Carter is a rare inside pass that rushing opponents are afraid to face. He is constantly forcing his opponents to double down on his team. Otherwise, he will blow out the pockets at will. That’s how fast and powerful he is.

Cornerbacks are a standout in today’s game. Ringo has all the tools to become the ultimate first pro. He’s big (6’2), quick, and boasts a playmaking instinct that’s always on display in big games. Opponents tend to shun him these days, and for good reason. Murphy? He is big, tall and very athletic. His production at Clemson has been steadily good for three years, and he has an excellent rushing performance. His size (275 lbs.) to the Chicago Bears may affect Anderson (243 lbs.).

return trade

Possible options:

  • Seattle Seahawks (5th and 21st picks)
  • Detroit Lions (6th overall and 13th)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (ranked 10th and 32nd)

The option that fans always love. Trade below and gain bonus from the picks. Bears could no doubt use more, given their menu needs. The No. 3 selection contract has proven lucrative in recent years. Miami picked up two more first-round picks and an additional third from San Francisco last year to drop to 12th. Indianapolis picked up three additional Jets second-round draft picks to drop to sixth overall. Teams are always willing to pay a premium if they feel their coveted quarterback is on the table.

In these situations, it is always wise to focus on the teams that have the ammunition to move up. Seattle, Detroit and Philadelphia have two first-round picks next year. Lions can be considered the most needy QB. Jared Goff is not their future. Is Seattle committed to Geno Smith for the long term? He is 32 years old. Jalen Hurts is having a year into his career in Philadelphia, but opinions on him could turn sour if he falls short of the playoffs like he did in 2021. Then again, any of those teams might want to get another player. The next six weeks will be enough.

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