Augusto Farfus outlines plans for 2023 with Studie BMW

Farfus joined Seiji Ara as a full-time Studie driver this year at the introduction of the new M4 GT3 he played a key role in developing, but was forced to miss two of the eight races due to calendar clashes.

He skipped the May Suzuka race, which the team won in his absence with Ara and Tsubasa Kondo, in order to race at the Nurburgring 24 Hours, while also not being able to race in Autopolis, where the season-ending GT World Challenge Endurance Cup final in Barcelona fell in Same weekend.

Farfus revealed that the intention is to continue his relationship with Studie for next year, but that he will not be available for any races overlapping with IMSA events after being selected as one of four full-time drivers in BMW’s LMDh program.

As it stands, only Okayama’s season opener and the August Fuji round fall into this category, but the Brazilian driver remains uncertain how many SUPER GT events remain he’ll be able to appear in.

“There are two clashes, but what we can’t expect at the moment is testing, and if IMSA will do more testing,” Farfus told

“I definitely want to come back and race here [in SUPER GT]but due to LMDh’s commitment, it will never be a full season again. I don’t know how many races I can do yet. We also have to evaluate how many consecutive races are on my schedule, because they’re so tough.

“If it were only my decision, I would be here for the whole season, even if it’s very far and the travel is tiring, but in the end it’s BMW’s decision.

“I want to have a very clear picture by the start of the year, so I can tell Bob [Yasuaki Suzuki, team owner] I would definitely do three, four, five races. It’s not fair for Bob to pull out of the races at the last minute.”

Farfus has spent the 2022 season combining SUPER GT and the GT World Challenge Europe Endurance Cup, while also contesting three of the four IMSA endurance events and the Nurburgring 24 Hours, in addition to his extensive program of testing in both the LMDh and GT3 machines.

The 39-year-old is not sure if he will compete in the GT World Challenge again, saying: “The The only clear thing is IMSA and the Nurburgring 24 Hours, and I would also like to do the 24-hour spa.”

Ara finished ninth in the GT300 standings, with him and Farfus posting a best finish of fifth as a duo in mixed conditions in Sugo.

Farfus feels Studie’s progress in understanding its Michelin tires will make the team a force to be reckoned with in 2023.

“I am sure next year will be an even better year,” he said. “We get to know the car and the tires much better, so if we can put it all together, it should be The general.

“If I could bet… winning a championship is hard to say, but I’m sure they’ll be one of the best teams next year.”

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