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India: Nowadays, young people tend to hop towards international destinations for a higher wage. So in such a situation, the best place for expats for expats plays a major role.

There is no doubt that the global pandemic has changed the global business model. During this pandemic, almost everyone used to work remotely, but now that the situation is better, many people are ready to embrace their dream move.

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People with wandering passions and inquisitive minds are popping up again from around the world hoping to reach their dream destination. Living and working abroad is a great way to learn about yourself, the world, and what it means to be a global citizen.

An increasing number of people seek work abroad to connect with the world and seize new opportunities, but choosing where to go can be difficult.

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We have selected some countries that treat their citizens well by providing a good life that includes such intangibles as job security, political stability, individual freedom, and environmental excellence, as well as the basic concepts of wide availability of food and shelter, quality education, health care, and employment. take a look!


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Switzerland’s fourth highest GDP of any country in the world attracts many foreign workers because of the high salaries. It is one of the best places in the world for expats to stay. Those who decide to stay, however, do so for different reasons.

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Specifically, clean mountain air; top notch amenities; a variety of winter activities; top notch transportation options; and much more.

Switzerland is home to the best ski slopes in the world, the most delicious chocolates, and beautiful pastoral landscapes.

The country is not only visually stunning, but it also has a solid government, has a strong and thriving economy, and has a comprehensive first-class healthcare system.

It is a unique country that can take first place in the HSBC expat survey and third in the global happiness rankings issued in 2020 and 2021, respectively, by Yale University and the Environmental Performance Index.

Furthermore, 92% of expats in Switzerland confirmed that their chosen country would remain stable over the next 12 months, easing the pressure of making new plans. For a little exploring, you can cross the border and go to France, Germany, and Italy.

It is also a very welcoming place for the British. Don’t miss out on moving to Switzerland because there are another 46,000 British expats there, and English is widely spoken throughout the country’s 26 cantons.

New Zealand

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If you are a young adult looking to broaden your horizons on a life-changing trip and intend to fund it with side jobs along the way, then New Zealand could be the perfect place for you.

There is no language barrier in New Zealand for English speakers. Additionally, the Kiwis are generally friendly, which makes it very easy for most foreigners to assimilate into New Zealand culture.

Known for its stunning landscapes and political stability, this island nation has a high level of equality for race, gender, LGBTQ people, as well as a progressive administration that looks out for its people.

90% of expats in New Zealand would suggest their new home for their quality of life, which is not surprising considering it is the sixth most liberal country in the world and the ninth best country for women.

According to the 2021 HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, expats in New Zealand are more optimistic about the future than those in any other country, which makes sense given all these benefits.

The United Nations estimates that more than 286,000 British citizens currently reside in New Zealand, and it’s easy to understand why.


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Moving to Canada offers a lot of perks, which include free public high school education, free universal health care for all permanent residents, a high level of public safety, and low air pollution.

Canada is known for being one of the most open and progressive societies in the world, so no matter where you live, Canada will make you live an exciting and invigorating experience.

Canada, a politically and economically stable country, always welcomes expats, like few other countries.

A 2020 Environics Institute survey found that the vast majority of Canadians believe immigration should increase, while 84% believe immigrants have a positive economic impact on the nation.

Additionally, Canada is generally a tolerant place. It is one of the best countries for gay people and the third best country for women, who make up an unrivaled 48% of the workforce there.

Moving in from 2021 and home to over 537,000 British expats, the Great White North is the perfect location for anyone looking to settle down among hospitable natives.


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The second happiest country in the world provides its citizens unparalleled access to justice, freedom of expression, and political rights, as well as a great work environment.

With an Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Business and Employment Score of 7.54/10, Denmark is ranked as the best country for expats to work in.

Denmark not only has the finest workplace perks, but also an exceptional combination of high average earnings, short working hours, protected workers’ rights, and at least 25 days of annual leave.

Late working is expressly discouraged, and all workers are entitled to at least five weeks of paid vacation each year.

According to the Danish government, workers often take the last two weeks of July off, allowing them to enjoy a stress-free summer vacation.

Denmark also has the lowest level of corruption in the world, so despite paying higher taxes than most of its citizens, its citizens are content to contribute because they see the benefits.

Free universal health care, free college tuition (along with a stipend for living expenses), subsidized child care, and free hospice care are all benefits they can take advantage of.


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Norway was once ranked as the happiest country in the world and still ranks well in Condé Nast’s top 10 list, famous for its fjords and fishing.

It makes sense that Norway, the most liberal country on Earth, tops the list of the three Scandinavian countries entering this year’s list, because it is the best at meeting the demands of its citizens.

According to the 2021 Social Progress Index, Norway offers an unparalleled range of personal freedom, inclusiveness, and opportunity.

In Norway, gorgeous fjords can be explored, the northern lights can be admired, and you can even spot polar bears in the wild while taking advantage of the country’s eco-friendly culture, which sees Norway getting 97% of its electricity from renewable sources.

Plus, while it’s never easy to make friends right away in a foreign country, the fact that you’ll be joining 20,000 other British expats should make it much smoother.

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