Church members worried about traffic from the Lincoln Street projects

Church members have expressed concerns about traffic from the proposed Lincoln Street projects
The property at 272 Lincoln Street is being studied for a multi-family residence of 12 units. Just to the right is Sts. Anargyori Greek Orthodox Church. (Photo/Maureen Sullivan)

Marlborough Two housing proposals—one already approved by the city, the other in preliminary stages—could congest Lincoln Avenue, or make it busier.

During a public hearing conducted by the City Council on November 21, Terrence Morris, on behalf of 272 Lincoln St. LLC, preliminary plans for a 12-unit multi-family residence with additional parking.

Morris said the developer requires a special permit due to zoning. The site is located in the adjacent business district.

The project will be located on a side corner, adjacent to the Asabit River railway track. It is designed to contain 18 of the 24 parking spaces within the building with access from Cashman and Lincoln Streets.

“We were able to remove a parking lot from the street,” said architect Ron Burke.

He added that the project will include solar energy on the roofs, heat pumps for the residents and a small garden in the corner closest to the railway track.

Morris said all 12 units will be for rent.

The proposed project will replace a former car repair building and bulletin board.

Resident Steve Beck asked about electric vehicle charging stations. Morris said the spaces inside the garage will be ready for electric vehicles.

In addition, Morris said, the building will be entirely electric—with no oil or natural gas to produce heat and hot water.

Church members have expressed concerns about traffic from the proposed Lincoln Street projects
View of the proposed development from Cashman Street. (screenshot/WMCT-TV)

Church members express their concerns

Many sts members nearby. The Anargiore Greek Orthodox Church on Central Street – just down the street from the proposed housing development – praised the project’s design, but expressed concerns about the potential for increased traffic.

A church member said, “It’s a Sunday horror show” with traffic between their church and the Immaculate Conception Church down the street.

Other church members, including Nick Calvas, were concerned about another housing project in the area. In June, the city approved the plans for Alta Marlboro at 283-325 Lincoln Street.

“There is no need for more local housing in the area,” he said.

City Council members also expressed support for the project, but asked for more information about the site plan.

The motion has been sent to the council’s urban affairs committee.

About Alta Marlboro

Church members have expressed concerns about traffic from the proposed Lincoln Street projects
Alta Marlborough at 283-325 Lincoln Street will be a mixed-use development with retail and 276 apartments. (Photo/Maureen Sullivan)

Down Lincoln Street, across from the Assabet River railroad track, Alta Marlborough will consist of three buildings (a 448-space parking garage; two mixed-use buildings with ground floor retail and 276 condominiums; 22 off-street parking spaces and a restroom for They use the railway track).

The units will consist of a mixture of one, two and three bedroom apartments. A total of 28 units will be within everyone’s reach.

Alta Marlborough LLC (Wood Partners) has estimated that the development will house approximately 25 school-age children, with 58% of the units being one-bedroom.

There will be an outside porch, bike parking in the garage.

The project is scheduled to be completed in approximately two years.

Alta Marlborough plans are available at

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