Cody Bellinger rumour: MLB Insider Says Blue Jays Top Destination for Free Agent Outfielder

With last week’s Dodgers no-bid Cody Bellinger out, the former MVP is now a free agent. His agent, Scott Boras, said they did Multiple offers for several years are on the table, but they will likely tackle a one-year deal in hopes of rebuilding his value so he can bring home a better contract next season.

Baseball insider John Morosi was on MLB Network on Monday and talked about one team he expects to be going strong in Bellinger.

“I would be somewhat surprised if the Toronto Blue Jays didn’t sign Bellinger or Brandon Nemo. This team is so badly needed for an athletic left-handed quarterback that you’ve now got those two players on the market.

Bellinger clearly has his faults, and it hasn’t gone well for him, so far, since he injured his shoulder while celebrating Texas’ memorable game in the 2020 National League playoffs. And so, with Bellinger, it’s about getting the shoulder sound back again. other….

Scott Boras told Ken Rosenthal that there is a belief that by strengthening the shoulder, changing his shoulder wrap training regimen, he will be able to get a little closer to the 2019 version of his production. A 1 year deal is attractive.Get out there, prove you can still do it, post some great numbers… for one year, and then come back to the free agent market a year from now.

And I would say this: There are few pitches, because of the quality of the lineup and the hitting-friendly nature of the outfield, that are more suited to this approach than the Toronto Blue Jays center and Rogers. … If they can’t get Nimmo, it’s a nice, quick pivot to possibility. Short run at Cody Bellinger.”

The allure of a good hitters park is understandable, but Boras certainly understands that Bellinger’s upcoming off-season market will be determined more by his base numbers than his home run totals. If Bailey’s bat speed does not recover to allow him to catch a high fastball and help his outfield speeds rebound to pre-hit levels, teams will not be fooled by Rogers’ artificially inflated center numbers. If the bat speed Do Recovering, he’ll post big power numbers whether he’s playing in Toronto or the Grand Canyon.

However, Morosi points about the Blue Jays needing a defensive quarterback, so they make sense as a freshman. And while they may not have the advantage he says they do because of their home court, their real advantage will come from being willing to give him the contract he wants, which they may well do.

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