DeLandria benefits from the wisdom of those around him and those who played her

Tay DeLandria He goes to school now.

The 22-year-old striker has come out early in the last few training sessions to work with the veteran Joe Pavelsky Drill on the edge in front of the net. He also usually finishes his warm-ups with a one-timer exercise Tyler Seguin. It’s an impressive leap for a player who spent almost all of last season in the AHL.

“He’s smart enough as a young player to use the resources around him,” Stars coach Pete DeBoer said when asked about DeLandria. “That’s what I love about him. He perceives the wisdom in that room from different people, and uses that, which you’d think would come naturally, but it’s not. Not often that’s the case.”

DeLandria has already gone through many lessons in his career. The 13th overall pick in the 2018 draft, Dellandrea rose to the bubble pool in the 2020 playoffs, and while he didn’t play, he spent 60 days enjoying a run in the Stanley Cup Final. After that, he jumped to the NHL for his rookie season, recording three goasl and two assists in 26 games. He was expected to have a full season last year, but he didn’t make the cut to camp, and then he had to earn some respect back in the AHL.

DeLandria had 50 points (23 goals, 27 assists) in 68 games with the Texas Stars and earned a call-up to the playoffs. He played well in Game 7 against the Calgary Flames, and that catapulted him into the season under a new coaching staff. They put him in a row with jimmy ben And the White JohnstonAnd Dellandrea prospered. He has 11 points (3 goals, 8 assists) in 20 games and is seventh among forwards in time on the ice at 14:30 per game. He has become one of the most reliable killers on the team and is a perfect fit.

And as for those lessons… well, DeLandria used some of the tricks Pavelski taught him when he deflected a goal in Wednesday’s 6-4 win over Chicago.

“It’s just instincts,” DeLandria said, “I’ve been working with Joe.” “It wasn’t that one far from the blade or anything, it’s just instincts, try to get a stick or something on it whenever you can. Those touches in the morning definitely help.”

Video: Delandria Joe Pavelskyguidance

DeLandria said Pavelski instigated the mini-rehearsals. The 38-year-old forward is known as one of the best frontline players in the NHL, and he has plenty of tricks up his sleeves. Passing on information is one way to give back.

“With him coming to the end of his NHL career, I think he’s really taking a hands-on approach,” said DeBoer, who worked with Pavelski when the two were in San Jose together. “When you talk to him, I think he feels like it’s payback for what he got when it came from some of the guys who worked with him.”

DeLandria said he’s more than happy to take whatever information he gets.

“He caught me three or four games ago, once we got home, I think I was just working on it,” DeLandria said. “Whenever you get the chance, that’s where he makes his living, right? So good around the net.”

The relationship gives a glimpse into how this team built chemistry. DeLandria has been the victim of some big knocks this season, and he struggled again on Wednesday when Jared Tenordi equalized in the no-man’s-land. Jani Hakanpa He was the last of his teammates to join Dellandrea, something he said he appreciated very much.

“I take this stuff every now and then, and guys stand up for me, which I love,” said DeLandria. “I always appreciate when Janie or someone steps up to me. So much respect.”

Of course, as the lessons went on, DeLandria said he had to stop putting himself in positions until he got hit.

“I knew it was coming,” DeLandria said. “It was a fast play, and I wasn’t really holding my head up, I was just concentrating on getting it. But I have to be more stable and hold my head up when those things come up.”

If his history is any indication, Dellandrea will fix this problem as the season goes on.

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