Ennis Kanter Freedom slams the NBA for remaining silent on China after the league announced its exit from voting events

Professional basketball player Ennis Kanter Freedom accused the National Basketball Association (NBA) of hypocrisy over its decision to host a “civic engagement night” the day before election day, while remaining silent about the Chinese “dictatorship” that he said the league is “taking advantage of”. Getting out of.”

“The NBA’s biggest supporter is China – so when they promote civic engagement here, do they care to comment on a dictatorship that they’re benefiting from? The NBA keeps telling me ‘we don’t want to get involved in politics’… I think what they meant to say is ‘we don’t want to piss off China'” .

According to the NBC report, the NBA will not hold any games on Election Day, but will hold a “Civic Engagement Night” on the Monday before the midterm elections to encourage fans and staff to get out and vote.

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Enes Kanter Freedom was released from the Houston Rockets earlier this year.
(Dan Hamilton-USA Today Sports)

Kanter Freedom, an NBA free agent, said he supports the NBA’s decision not to hold games on Election Day, but noted that the league may encourage players to vote for one party over the other.

“I think this step by the NBA is a great idea, Election Day should be a federal holiday where everyone can go out and vote,” Kanter Freedom said in an exclusive statement to Fox News Digital. He continued, “The problem is that the NBA is subconsciously encouraging players to vote for a certain party. Coaches who have expressed conservative values ​​have lost their jobs – that’s a problem.”

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LeBron James and Ennis Kanter Freedom.

LeBron James and Ennis Kanter Freedom.
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson recently obtained exclusive recordings that found NBA officials talking about taking control of Kanter Freedom’s criticism of the CCP after the outspoken player wore anti-CCP slogans on the basketball court. The recordings indicated that China would not do business with the NBA if players were critical of the communist country.

“This is proof of how the Chinese dictatorship can run a 100% American company,” Kanter Freedom said. “[W]Okay Up America. This is the league you’ve been supporting and watching. Enough is enough. This is unacceptable.”

Former Boston Celtics player Ennis Kanter-Freedom claimed "The NBA subconsciously encourages players to vote for a particular party"

Former Boston Celtics player Ennis Kanter-Freedom has claimed that “the NBA is subconsciously encouraging players to vote for a particular party.”
(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer, file)


The National Basketball Association (NBA) has come under fire in recent months as it has taken positions on social justice issues such as abortion, gay rights and the Black Lives Matter movement while remaining silent about human rights abuses in China. Just last month, the National Basketball Association failed to condemn China’s campaign against the LGBTQ community.

Fox News’ Charles Kretz contributed to this report.

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