Fellr is Australia’s fastest growing new company

The list is ranked by the compound annual growth rate of revenue over the previous three fiscal years, most of which must have been organically generated and come from more than one customer. Participants must provide a third-party verification of revenue from an accountant or external auditor.

While Fast Starters were ranked by compound annual growth rate, nominal growth for participants was also noted, and in this score car-buying service Cars4us triumphed, growing from $20m in 2019-20 to $174m in 2021-22 – and was $154m The bump is an amazing result for a company that’s barely three years old.

Evidently, Fellr’s story involved a leap of faith that most of their fellow fast-list finalists could relate to.

Will Morgan and Andy Skora were brand managers in the Sydney office of French beverage giant Pernod Ricard, who were tired of their hard work making someone else rich.

“Both of us had aspirations of starting our own businesses one day, and when we saw the US hard soda market emerging, it became clear to us that there were no truly authentic Australian brands in the finished soft drink business,” says Morgan.

While out on a beer in Bondi one day, the couple decided to ditch their six-figure jobs and chase a dream of launching a seltzer that celebrated the beach lifestyle—albeit one whose unique production method was partly inspired by beer.

The base for Fellr’s alcohol is rice and corn, which are fermented in the same way as the foamy stuff.

“We felt this method gave our drinks a fuller mouthfeel and depth of flavor, compared to many other sodas made with distilled spirits or a neutral grain spirit,” says Morgan.

“There’s a lot of craftsmanship to it. It takes four weeks to brew, ferment and bottle, while most others can buy a cheap neutral spirit and blend it in a day.”

The extra time and effort helped Fellr when it was forced to market a new, unproven product to buyers it couldn’t come face to face with the pandemic.

“When you quit your job and pour your life savings into your new venture, and then a pandemic hits, it’s an awful moment,” says Morgan.

Once the restrictions were lifted we got to the pier. We got a slew of ‘no’s at first – no one knows who the customers are for a new product – but because we invested excessively in quality ingredients for our liquid, we gradually started. ”

The steel seltzer market in Australia grew by 282 per cent in 2021-22 to become a $210 million category. Morgan credits this growth in part to hard soft drinks, which contain nearly half the calorie content of beer, and in fact the ready-to-drink category they belong to—most of their products are less fattening than wine and beer—is the only alcohol category still in existence. . It is growing as Australians become more health conscious after the initial bouts of lockdown.

Fellr competes against American giants like White Claw, but Morgan and Skora’s goal is to be number one.

“We’re pushing hard for it,” says Morgan. He adds that Fellr now also has a non-alcoholic range, so it can count on the emerging “soberly curious” market that this year saw Naked Life Spirits top the Fast 100 for companies over five years old.

Selling hard seltzer might seem easy compared to the product sold by Razorback 4×4, the second company in the 2022 Fast Starters ranking, which grew revenue from $8,043 in 2019-20 to $2.5 million in the last fiscal year.

Founded in 2019 by the Mitrou family in Melbourne, Razorback 4×4 manufactures seat covers for 4×4 engines.

“It’s certainly a bit random, but seat covers are actually one of the best accessories for an SUV,” explains General Manager Lucas Mitro.

Lucas Mitro - GM - Razorback 4x4

Lucas Mitro, General Manager of Razorback 4×4, says seat covers are one of the best accessories for an ATV.

“Until recently, they were more of a functional and protective item than something to show off. This is something we wanted to change, so we created a product that not only protects the seats better, but also looks great.”

Made of fabric or neoprene, and available in sizes to fit every major 4WD model, Razorback seats are made in one of the automaker’s major OEM factories.

“Any OEM part has a more stringent set of materials, safety, and quality control procedures when compared to the average part sold in a store,” says Mitro.

The American market is Razorback’s next target—Mitro was at a major trade show in Las Vegas when we spoke—while expansion into camping gear like swags, chairs, and umbrellas also looms on the horizon.

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