Google searches for “how long is the queue now?” by over 2000% in the UK

YuSearches in the K for how long to queue to see the Queen lie down in the state have risen more than 2,000%, according to new data from Google Trends.

Thousands joined the public queue to pay their respects in front of the Queen’s coffin in Westminster Hall, making a brief pause of 40 minutes when it reached full capacity and an official estimate of the waiting time reached at least 14 hours on Friday.

Many turned to Google to query the length of the queue as the search engine revealed searches for “How long is the queue now?” It increased by +2,220% in the 24 hours from Thursday to Friday.

The queue also topped popular searches from last week – meaning it had the highest increase in traffic at that time compared to the previous week – with ‘queue to lie in status’.

“Who is the Pass Queen?” Finishing second in the FAQ for the past 24 hours is Major Pipe Paul Burns playing Revell, The National Anthem and Lament, at the Queen’s state funeral which begins at 11am on 19 September in Westminster Abbey.

In third and fourth places was the question “How many people have seen the Queen lying still?” and “How old was (the Queen) when she met Philip?”

Philip was 13 and the Queen eight when they both attended the 1934 wedding of Philip’s cousin, Princess Marina, who later became the Duchess of Kent, and Elizabeth’s uncle, Prince George, Duke of Kent.

“How many people will see the Queen?” It was the fifth most popular question from users who inquired about the queue at Westminster Hall over the past day.

The most searched question in the week since the Queen’s death, referring to those with the highest search volume since September 8, is “When is the Queen’s funeral?”

This is followed by “Where will the Queen be buried?” and “Is the Queen’s funeral a bank holiday?”

The fourth and fifth most searched questions are “Where will the Queen’s funeral be?” and “Will the Queen have an open coffin?”

The Queen’s final burial place will be King George VI’s memorial chapel at Windsor Castle after her funeral, which is a bank holiday in the UK.

Here are the top FAQs related to Queen Elizabeth II of the past 24 hours in the entire UK.

1. How long is the waiting list now? Who is Pass Queen? 3. How many people have seen the Queen lying down in the country? How old was the Queen when she met Philip? How many people will see the Queen?

Here are the top or most searched questions about Queen Elizabeth II from the past week in the entire UK.

1. When is the Queen’s funeral? Where will the Queen be buried? 3. Is the Queen’s funeral a bank holiday? 4. Where will the Queen’s funeral be? 5. Will the Queen have an open coffin?

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