Green Bay is currently the worst punter in the NFL

Let’s say the 2022 season for the Green Bay Packers was a game of poker. The team entered the season with a full stack of chips, even going so far as to borrow some lines of credit that they probably should have walked away from. But, wanting to play at an infinite table with the big guys, they wrote a check that they would worry about in the future.

After a really bad hand, the team bounced back by adding to their chip total with a bit of luck to cover up some not-so-stellar play. with their chests Just Having begun to swell, the Packers are unable to catch a break, and lose six straight hands, each taking more chips from the pile than the previous hand. The impressive returning hand helped build an artificial sense of hope. But Green Bay is down to its last chip, and needs a miracle to make it through the evening alive, hoping that the same cards you put into this hole will be enough to extract it.

That’s what this season has come to him: hope and prayer that there is some way the team can turn the tables after giving very little sign that this is possible. There have been several impactful losses from the starting list that we will not see again this season (Rashan Gary and Eric Stokes). There are also some injured players we might see later (Romeo Dobbs and Devondry Campbell), but it seems it’s too late.

With 11 games in perspective now, it seems likely that this will be the end result. Losses over the past few seasons — most notably but not limited to Davante Adams — have necessitated balancing the infamous draft and development mantra. But whether or not the development fell short or simply happened more slowly than needed, it left a huge gap – perhaps a little – in the organization.

The biggest handicap between the Packers and another string of success is no secret. Green Bay’s unprecedented 30-year run was built on the right arms of Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers, but all unprecedented good things must come to an end. The slip into play from MVP has led to a chorus of those wanting to see the love of Jordan grow louder with each loss.

As sexy as some of these little bits are, love is the most important. The longer he sits on the bench, the less information the organization has as it decides what to do next year. The devolution here is the most important endeavor that Brian Gutkunst is likely to oversee professionally. Getting Rodgers to re-sign on the season looked like the Packers were nearing some clarity. A 4-7 record full of costly interceptions and missed throws opened that question all the way back up.

Not just Rodgers. Veterans like David Bakhtiari, Mason Crosby, Randall Cobb, and Adrian Amos were supposed to maintain their edge. Green Bay deserves credit for incorporating veterans like these into the depth chart for as long and as they do, but this group leaves very little for future excitement.

Sitting at the poker table, the Packers have had great cards for most of the past decade. They’ve been poised to win but come away with a bad 5th avenue tie (the Seattle Seahawks in 2014), and in other years, their opponent’s hand blows Green Bay out of the water (pretty much any time they play the San Francisco 49ers). Green Bay has been trying to win the game with the same cards for a long time now. The truth this season is that their hands aren’t quite what they thought they would be. Perhaps mixing things up provides more hope for the future.

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