Guy Williams Defends Kyrie Irving: ‘I Could Lose My Job’

Guy Williams: “Every day of my life I approach it with a state of compassion. No matter what color, creed or race I look at people as human beings. I think this is important. But life is always about taking a stand and sticking to principles, so I want to make it clear what I feel for him is my position as a black man in this world. In the conversations I have with my brothers and sisters in the black community, I want you guys to sympathize with me and hear me out on that. So when I hear what Kyrie Irving has to go through in order to get him reinstated, I feel Appalled. Let me give examples of how I feel like we don’t have the same energy and hold others accountable who have dealt with racial tropes. So when Sarah Silverman does blackface, or when Don Imus says “hoes with a nappy head,” or when Howard Stern calls someone the n-word In a skit, or when Brett Favre takes money from Mississippi, we don’t ask for “sensitivity training,” we don’t ask them to donate $500,000, we don’t ask them to meet the National Black Caucus…they apologize and then the rest of the world moves on. Blacks, that’s what we’re told how the process works They often wear blackface, “Oh, that was a misunderstanding, we get it!” Well, is this person racist? Mostly not. Was he ignorant? Maybe so. Well, we understand that, and we move on. We don’t like it, we’d like to hold them accountable, but society, not having a lot of black people in positions of power, we don’t have the power of judgment to do that. Even after an apology from Kerry, it’s not enough. We feel more is needed. Mentors older than me talk about “breaking money.” This is something that happened way back in the day where if there was a defiant slave, he was broken in front of everyone to show that he was not in a position of strength, and at the end of the day he had to do what he was told to do because that was what he was assigned to do. There’s a bigger situation going on with what’s going on with Kyrie Irving. If the Nets don’t want him to be there, just say you don’t want him to be there, but we have to hold everyone accountable, even the team owners responsible for things that happen in other countries, like China and the Uighurs. , and the genocide that is happening to Muslims that we hear Anis Kanter talk about. But we don’t reserve the same energy for everyone, we just pick and choose which conversation points we want to make more polarizing. I might lose my job, and I might lose future deals opportunities to speak out. Even the platform continues to profit from a movie that was considered anti-Semitic by billions of people. They should not be held accountable. Who is held accountable?? We’ll put it all on Kyrie Irving’s shoulders, though he said “I can’t be an anti-Semite because I know where I come from” indicating that he’s one of the Four Lost Tribes. He is saying that blacks and Jews come from the same entity. But we don’t understand nuance, we want to move with words, we love fire, we love things that go viral on social media, everyone has some kind of heated musing, we call people stupid, we call people names because that’s what we do. We just destroy each other. I’m not going to destroy each other, man. Is Kyrie Irving an anti-Semite? of course not. Could he have done it differently? This is what I advised him to do. I’m not going to sit here and let you guys make this guy up like he’s evil, like he’s a bad guy. He is looking forward to exploring his heritage. You can crucify me if you want, I don’t care anymore. It’s time for people to start speaking out, speaking out for the principles they stand for.”

Watch an informative character Jay Williams Defense Kyrie Irving Amid the backlash Irving has received since he retweeted a controversial link to an Amazon documentary that many have called anti-Semitic.

Williams calls out the hypocrisy of Irving’s seemingly cruel and unusual punishment which seems overly unheard of given that Irving has already apologized and explained his actions.

Check out the clip above Williams also explains why he didn’t think Irving should be portrayed as a villain.

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