How to get 50% off the following club supplies (and a cash bonus)

True Spec club fitting is self-buying. A wonderful gift for yourself or your loved one. Hurry, though! This offer runs until Monday.

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True Spec club fitting is self-buying. A wonderful gift for yourself or your loved one. Hurry, though! This offer lasts until Monday only. Keep reading to find the promo code for 50% off your next event at True Spec (sister company of

Even better, when you buy a gift card, you’ll get an additional 15% off the amount credited to the gift card. This means that when you buy a $500 gift card, it becomes a $575 gift card; A $1,000 gift card becomes $1,150, and so on. This offer is on a first come, first serve basis and won’t last long.

50% discount code:

Use this code to get 50% off your club supplies: BFCM50

Club installation process:

True Spec takes an “unbranded approach tailored to your game”. Here are the steps for the club installation process, as True Spec explains.

  1. interview/scheme
    • Upon arrival, your appropriate master will welcome you and begin to set goals and objectives for your appropriate session. While you are warming up, your fitter will perform a specific and planned check of your current clubs. The blueprint is an “under the hood” look at how to make your existing clubs.
  2. test equipment
    • Your head coach will select a variety of products for you to test, all with the goal of demonstrating improvements in the areas identified during the interview. If you so choose, Equipment Testing is also your chance to test a specific product against your existing clubs.
  3. recommendation
    • Next comes your recommendation for the best combination of club head, shaft and grip. Each component of your formula will be explained and verified using launch screen data. Fitter will also provide you with a detailed installation report that includes recommended equipment, specific construction specifications, and a snapshot report from your launch screen data.

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True Spec Golf Gift Card

From 50 to 7000 dollars
Gift Cards are redeemable at all True Spec installation locations in the US and can be applied to installation fees and equipment purchases. Please allow 1-3 business days to receive your digital gift card by email. Not refundable online. All gift card purchases are final.

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