‘I already have an offer’ – NBA star Ennis Kanter Freedom says he already has a wrestling offer on hand

NBA star Enes Kanter Freedom spoke to Let’s Hang Live where he said he already has a wrestling offer on hand.

After being packaged in a deal that included Daniel Theis being taken over by the Boston Celtics, NBA star Ennis Kanter-Freedom has been waived by the Houston Rockets. Since then, the NBA star has become a free agent because no team has shown interest in him. Not only in the NBA field, but Enes Kanter Freedom is also active in the wrestling arena and has already been seen in the WWE arena.

During 2019, when NBA star Enes Kanter Freedom was still associated with the Boston Celtics, he appeared at a Monday Night event on WWE Raw. Enes Kanter Freedom even claimed the title when he defeated 24/7 Champion R-Truth. The event proved iconic. NBA star Enes Kanter Freedom accomplished the feat in front of a New York crowd. The NBA player also revealed a Boston Celtics jersey in the process.

After knowing the way to the sport of basketball.

Recently, Enes Kanter Freedom spoke to Let’s Hang Live during the SEC Championship. He expressed his love for wrestling. The NBA star also revealed that he already has a wrestling show on hand. He also added that he could go into episodes whenever he wanted. But the athlete also said that he is only 29 years old and therefore he wants to focus on basketball for the next seven years.

Anis Kanter Freedom also said that he has not yet made his way into the sport of basketball. It seems that the NBA star’s first love is basketball. The NBA player also added that he will only look towards other areas in the sports world once he discovers his basketball career. Enes Kanter Freedom’s love for basketball is so immense that he has said that he is not going to quit basketball (at least in the near future).

“I already have an offer.”

“I already have an offer. Just trying to see what happens with this basketball. I’m 29, and I want to play six or seven more years in this league. I’m going to figure out my football career first and see what happens. I already have an offer, I’m not taking it now.” I love basketball and I’m not going to give up basketball.” Anis Kanter said freedom.

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