In the Bag – Suggested disc formations for all skill levels

In the Bag – Suggested disc sets for all skill levels – Innova Disc Golf

Strike specialist:

For players whose shot is the forehand, this lineup has got you covered.




“>renox It’s built for short-range throwing with extreme fade, making it one of our top picks for the forehand approach.



Calvin Heimburg was the inspiration behind Toro. He wanted a flat, very stable midrange disc he could trust—something that could handle the torque level of the front hand. After many variations, Toro was created and named by Calvin.


“>a trip It’s been shipping its way into bags everywhere since its release earlier this year. Extremely stable with virtually no slip, the Toro is excellent for headwinds, frontal approaches, and short-range power on S-curves.



Eagle is the original and professional trail driver. Predictability to shoot powerful and accurate shots.


“>Eagle He is an original and professional level Fairway driver. On the front lines for right-handed players, expect a slight high-speed turn to the left and a consistent finish to the right.

the star


The Firebird is a very steady distance driver and does very well in a headwind. It is our most popular downwind driver.


“>Firebird It is an essential item in a hand adjuster’s bag. This will be your workhorse off the tee and on longer approach shots.

the star


XCaliber is for those who have the biggest and the worst. Extremely fast with glide and stability. This is a confident bomber in windy conditions.


“>X caliber is a Signature Series disc by Nate Sexton, one of the greatest forehand pitchers of all time. It is quite stable and is best for shooting at a distance in a headwind.


Boasting a smooth launch and consistent touch on the course? We have just the right bag for you.

R Pro


The Innova Xero Putt & Approach Disc has a greater range and torque resistance than other straight fly putts in our catalog. When it comes to moving the puck from your hand to the target – in a straight line – Xero has your back. Don’t worry about it fading too hard because the Xero is very stable at low speed. Heck, you can even toss the hayser in slightly, and it’ll stay straight!


“>zero It is the straight flight that a putter can get. Aim to flip the chains and watch yourself sink C2 heart after C2 hit.

the star

Wombat 3

The Wombat3’s midrange feels great in the hand and is easy to throw. The VTech rim and lower profile add extra torque resistance, making it great for sidearm throwing. Straight shots still go straight while turnovers stay round with a nice landing.


“>wombat 3 It has a direct flight with maximum glide.

the star

He. She

Innova IT has been developed to go far and straight effortlessly. With its gentle turns and unparalleled glide, the tightly wooded fairways feel open and approachable. When another Fairway driver fades and falls, IT stays on the launch line and loads. Perfect for still stop and low ceiling shots that still need to gain distance. IT also makes an exceptional disc, even when it’s new.


“>He. She It is our newest Fairway driver to be launched. When you expect another Fairway driver to fade and drop, IT holds the version line and carries on.

the star


The Beast is a long-distance driver with a predictable bobsled finish. It is sure to increase the distance for beginners and professionals alike.


“>Monster It is the Innova model that has stood the test of time. Like the faster Valkyrie, the beast can be used to line wooded gaps or unleash in the field.



The Tern is a quick and slightly easy puck designed for long shot formation throws with a flight path that maximizes glide.


“>tern It will be the Finesser’s true maximum distance disc. Get the release angle right and your Tern will do the rest of the work for you.

the strong man:

So you think you can crush it, right? Well, try these tablets.



Invader is one of the best driving and approaching putters available. Its flat top profile features a small, rounded bead edge, making it easy to catch straight flights.


“>invader Perhaps our best throwing club for players with fast arms, it’s available in one of the nicest and most durable plastics out there.



Calvin Heimburg was the inspiration behind Toro. He wanted a flat, very stable midrange disc he could trust—something that could handle the torque level of the front hand. After many variations, Toro was created and named by Calvin.


“>a trip It will cut through the air until it loses speed and then quickly fall to the ground. It is the most stable and least slippery midrange.



Tame your mid-range shots. Defined by its stable flight, the lion will attack at any angle – heizer, flat, or non-hizer.


“>Lion It will completely eliminate those shots that Toro can’t get to. Still stable, but faster and more slippery. For big arms, the Lion will be your disc of choice off the tee on most of the shorter courses.



TeeBird3 is faster with less slip, and has the same reliable flight ratings as the original TeeBird.


“>TeeBird3 It is a faster version of our most popular Fairway Driver. It is one of the most versatile and moldable discs in its class.



The Destroyer is a fast and stable power-up engine with great glide. A great disc for firearms shooters and those with a lot of power.


“>destructive It is only for the big guns. This fast and stable model will handle extreme boom speeds and any wind conditions.

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