Jason Robertson sets a record on Ty DeLandria’s eventful night in the Stars’ win against Chicago

Stars forward Jason Robertson tied a Dallas Stars record by extending his point streak to 13 games during a 6-4 win over the Blackhawks on Wednesday night.

Robertson scored twice, putting him even with Dave Gagner, who also had a 13-point streak in 1993-94. Robertson scored an unassisted goal on his rebound with 6:05 remaining in the first period to give Dallas a 1-0 lead, then added an empty-netting goal to give the Stars a 6-4 lead with eight seconds left.

Robertson now has 16 goals on the season, which is tied for most in the NHL with Edmonton’s Connor McDavid and Vancouver’s Bo Horvat. The last star to lead the league in goals during the season (after 20 games) was Jimmy Bean on January 6, 2016, the season he won the Art Ross Trophy.

Robertson also tied Mike Modano for most goals scored by the Dallas Star in the first 20 games of the season. Robertson’s 31 points is the most of any Dallas Star in the first 20 games of the season.

An eventful night: Superstar Ty DeLandria had an eventful night on Wednesday, scoring the game-tying goal in the third period and absorbing a big hit from Blackhawks defenseman Jared Tenordi in the first period.

DeLandria tipped Jani Hakanpa’s shot home high with 5:48 remaining in the third period, tying the game before Radek Växa scored the winning goal four minutes later. It’s a skill Dellandrea has worked on with Joe Pavelski, and he’s one of the best front line players in the NHL.

“It’s just instincts,” DeLandria said. “I’ve been working with Joe. This wasn’t even off the blade or anything, it’s just instincts, try to get a stick or something on it whenever you can. Those touches in the morning definitely help.”

Before star training or a morning skate, Delandria and Pavelski will hit the ice early and work on skills around the front net. Sometimes you position yourself for tips, other times you become more aware of where the net is as players turn between circles.

“He caught me three or four games ago, once we got home, I think I was just working on it,” DeLandria said. “When you get the chance, that’s where he makes his living, right? So good about the net.”

DeLandria now has three goals this season. After two of them (Wednesday night and November 3 in Arizona), Pavelsky was credited with working with him.

“He’s smart enough as a young player to use the resources around him,” Stars coach Pete DeBoer said of DeLandria. “That’s what I love about him. He perceives wisdom in that room from different people, and uses that, which you’d think would come naturally, but it’s not. Not often that’s the case.”

DeBoer worked with Pavelski in San Jose, calling Pavelski an extension of the coaching staff at multiple points in the first six weeks of the season.

“With him reaching the twilight of his NHL career, I think he’s really taking a hands-on approach,” said DeBoer. “When you talk to him, I think he feels like it’s payback for what he got when it came from some of the guys who worked with him.”

In the first period, Dellandrea was flattened by Tinordi at the red line after attempting to throw the puck into Chicago territory. Hakanpa checked Tenordi in the back before the pair dropped the gloves in an excited fit.

“I take these things every now and then, and guys stand up for me, which I love, but I have to put myself in better positions,” DeLandria said. “But I always appreciate it when Janie or Chaps (Jimmy Bean) or anyone else comes up to me. So much respect.”

About the hit itself, DeLandrea said “I should have known it was coming.”

“It was such a fast play, I didn’t really raise my head,” DeLandria said. “I was just concentrating on getting it. I have to be more stable and have my head up when those blows come.”

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