Jaylen Brown admits that “a lot of what happens in outdoor basketball” affects him

Boston – Breaking up with his longtime idol and marketing guru. Seeing the kids, he also hoped to guide them outside of the basketball season at Donda Academy. learning Udoka made, the head coach who drove much of his growth and empowerment last season, was suspended on the eve of the season and almost joined the Brooklyn Nets afterward. All the confusion and uncertainty that followed. I was all affected Jaylen Brown.

Marcus Smart brought him back to the fun of basketball during a big win, switching to Brown midway through the Celtics’ bombing of the Mavericks, and finding contrast between Luka Doncic– Reliant Dallas and Jays. One that goes with their opponent’s cowboy brand.

“We’re out in the crossfire,” Smart said. He told Brown, “You have a gun on[Tatum]and we have another gun with you here.” “We’ve got a couple of snipers who can do some damage, so when JB is playing at his highest level, he’s an MVP candidate, too.”

Brown and Tatum combined for 68 points, 17 rebounds, nine assists and just four assists in the 125-112 win on Wednesday. For Tatum, this marked a breakthrough from a shooting slump of 38% over his past four games after an unparalleled start to the previous season. Brown has survived an uptick in turnovers that has affected his offensive impact this month. He admitted that a hectic start to the season affected his struggles.

Transitions, something he’d struggled with in the past, were mostly unforced.

“I was careless with the ball,” he said. “Being so lacking in merit and just focusing on focus for the duration of the game. It’s not even a matter of anything the defense does, I’m just so careless. Going forward, (I) just focus on what’s in front of me. There’s been a lot going on outside of basketball.”

This month began with the death on November 1 of Takeoff, founding member of Migos and neighborhood hero for Brown, in a shooting accident in Houston. net suspended Kyrie Irving After days to share a movie with anti-Semitic tropes. Brown and the National Basketball Players Association roasted the team’s six steps until it came back, and Joe Tsai Statement that Irving has more work to do after the first five games.

The two parties eventually settle on a plan to return Irving to Earth, where he contemplates further action to deal with punishment. Brown tweeted – energy — earlier this week in response to a video of black Hebrew Israelis marching outside the Barclays Center to mark Irving’s return.

The group distributed anti-Semitic leaflets and identified itself as Israel United Under Christ, a hate group according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Brown said he mistook Omega for Psi Phi, a historically black fraternity also known as the Ques, who wear purple and gold like the Barclays protesters did.

“You do the best you can and balance everything,” Brown said. CLNS modes Wednesday. “No matter what you say, some people will disagree or will actually form an opinion, so you do what I do, you try to uplift my community, spread kindness, spread love, try to be the best version of myself, but also help anyone around me. That’s who I was. It’s been on since I got into this league, and that’s what Emma continues to do. Just focus on that and take care of basketball and everything falls in line.”

When the Browns took the floor after committing nine turnovers on the three-game road trip, he caught the ball around two screens and scored on the inside. Al Horford I found him for a pair of cut passes, and then Brown stole the ball from him Dorian Finney Smith And he drove the ball to the rim for a left-handed finish. Brown shot 7-of-8 inside five feet, 2-of-3 from elsewhere in the paint and 2-of-4 at mid-guard, which Joe Mazola Called on points within a three-point offense.

Mazzola saw the effect Boston’s spacing had on the Browns, calling on his teammates to make themselves available for the star when he was on the ball. The Celtics nailed that ability midway through this month to mixed results, as Brown retains aspirations of becoming a playmaker, but proves once again that his best output comes as a finisher. The Browns finished winning 13-for-18 from the field, with 54% of his payroll assists and 46% without assists. Horford wouldn’t usually say anything to Brown after the ups unless he felt the need to. They all go through it.

“For me, just talking to him,” said Smart. Positive affirmations. Joe will do negative affirmations, get over it, yell and things like that. That’s his job. It’s my job and our job as a team and as my teammates to show him love, make sure he doesn’t harass himself, anyone on that team when that happens, because we all go through it and it won’t be the first time and it won’t be the last. He will go through (the transitions) again, but using those moments like tonight, where he passed, to see where he can improve and reduce some of those mistakes, and vice versa with me and everyone else. You have to learn from it, but knowing your brothers are with you and not against you will always make it better.”

Brown has in the past bristled at questions aimed at his turnovers, acknowledging shortcomings while explaining that many Celtics have turned the ball over, particularly in the NBA Finals. His aggressive style continues to benefit the Celtics more when you love the long positions Javel McGee And the Christian Wood Standing in front of the grille, browning causes stink problems or ripping off paint with downhill drives. Early in the Wednesday game, Boston scored more points in the paint (16) than Dallas (14) on its way to a 27-point lead.

Controlled, controlled dribbling on the way to the net, prioritizing speed and getting off the ball all helped Brown. As did his teammates, who kept getting a sense when someone in the room wasn’t quite right. Brown directed the criticism at himself by not paying attention to his supporters this week, showing his frustration with the backlash in a recent Instagram story. But for him, it only showed solidarity with Irving, and he didn’t delete the original tweet.

“I think it’s just knowing every single member of the team, right? What guys need at different times,” said Tatum CLNS. “JB is no different. As tough and famous as we are all, we are all still human and go through the ups and downs of everyday life, and I think everyone in the locker room knows, just from a family point of view, it’s bigger than basketball and we all support each other.” Some and we are all there for each other.”

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