Kanter is disgusted by what Erdogan said to the United Nations against Greece

Turkish NBA player Enis Kanter Friedem once again expressed his feelings for the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan a favour.

The Turkish basketball player cannot even visit his country or communicate with his family as he has been named A “Gulenists”.

Fethullah Gulen is considered by Erdogan to be the “leader of terrorists” of the FETÖ

He is the leader of a powerful movement in Turkey, which has a huge network of schools in his home country, but also around the world, NGOs and businesses called Hizmet (Turkish for “service”) and is highly influential in the media, police and judiciary.

His followers are known as “Gulenists”.

Anis Kanter spoke to Alfa and talked about what the Turkish president said at the United Nations, and confirmed that the Turkish president distorts reality.

“What Erdogan said about Greece and the Greek people at the United Nations was really unacceptable and disgusting,” he told Alpha. “He does not respect human rights. There are many political prisoners in Turkey. There is no democracy in Turkey.”

“He’s not talking about any of that, but he’s talking about Greece. To me, the Greek people and Greece opened their arms to all immigrants. To me, to the Greek people and Greece from day one, they opened their arms to all immigrants in the world and gave them a warm welcome.”

The Turkish president used the speaker’s rostrum during the United Nations General Assembly in New York to attack Greece on Tuesday.

Erdogan said, “Greece has turned the Aegean Sea into a cemetery for migrants,” noting that Greece, “with its illegal responses, is increasing violence against migrants in the Aegean Sea.” Erdogan also stated that apart from the “inhumane pushbacks”, Greece is pursuing a policy of “political repression and discrimination” against its Muslim community.

“Whoever tries to make displays of power in the region, he is not equal and has no military or political ties, and makes a joke of himself. The continuation of stability and peace in the eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea depends on respecting everyone’s rights and interests,” Erdogan said, adding that we call on Greece to Stop the policy of provocations and tension and respond to the call for cooperation and support.

He stressed that “Turkey will defend its rights and interests to the end in the Aegean Sea and the eastern Mediterranean and will not fall into the trap of the games of those who pursue a strategy of tension for political gain.”

Greece replied turkey On what a government spokesman called an “escalation of vulgarity” by the Turkish president at the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Tuesday.

Government spokesman Yannis Economou said on Wednesday that the remarks made at the United Nations were “an unprecedented attempt to spread fake news, a complete distortion of reality and crude propaganda from the UN General Assembly with baseless allegations.”

He accused Turkey of “exploiting refugees and migrants, and providing support to human traffickers”.

By contrast, he said, Greece “saves human lives and guards, as it is bound to do, [at] Borders of Greece and Europe”.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis took the stage Friday in New York as he addressed the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly and extended an olive branch to Turkey amid rising tensions, but not before warning the Turkish government not to cross red lines.

“If the president Erdogan The Greek Prime Minister said, “He wants to talk about red lines, and then I say this: Turkish claims regarding sovereignty over Greece’s islands are unfounded and unacceptable. Questioning sovereignty over Greek territory crosses a red line for all Greeks.”

In his speech, Mitsotakis covered everything from the EU’s response to authoritarianism and the threat to democracy, to escalating Turkish aggression, to the threat of climate change and the migration crisis.

Mitsotakis described Turkey’s aggressive rhetoric as “accompanied by a massive disinformation campaign, multiple violations of Greece’s sovereignty and sovereign rights at sea and in the air,” as well as the exploitation of migration flows as a tool, and a unilateral decision to reject all. High level connections.

At the same time, he assured the Turkish people that Greece “posed no threat to your country” and called on its leadership to respect a long history and “move forward in a spirit of mutual respect.”

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