Kroger shares Thanksgiving trends ahead of the holiday

Announcing trends heading into the Thanksgiving holiday, grocer Kroger of America, today announced that it will be selling 55 million pounds of turkey, with 85 percent of customers surveyed saying they would enjoy a traditional cooked Thanksgiving meal at home or at the homes of family and friends. , according to 84.51º, Kroger Retail and Data Science, Insights and Media. *

“Thanks to our amazing team of partners, Kroger is ready to help our shoppers make holiday memories this season with all of their favorite family recipes and Thanksgiving foods — including 55 million pounds of turkey,” said Kroger. Stuart AitkenAnd the hook Senior Vice President, Chief Merchandiser and Marketing Officer. “As families and friends gather this Thanksgiving, we’re here to help them make it a meal they’ll remember—whether they’re recreating old traditions or creating new ones—no matter how they choose to celebrate.”

While the turkey will be at the center of the Thanksgiving plate for many customers, cranberries remain a holiday staple, with 6.2 million pounds — 100 truckloads — of fresh cranberries expected to be sold. * Of the 4.1 million pies purchased this season, pumpkin, apple and walnut dominate as customer favorites. *For holiday hosts looking for more variety or families who simply can’t choose between seasonal favorites, Kroger’s has customers covered in an all-new half pumpkin and half pecan pie available for the first time this year.

Nostalgia reigns supreme this season with an autumnal twist on classic cocktails like the cranberry mule, pumpkin spice mudslide, and old-fashioned maple and apple spice margaritas. The grocer anticipates that spirits will be brought together and shared with loud punches and sangria infused with fall flavors like apple cider, pumpkin spice, and dark spirits.

Kruger Our brands Tried, tested, and loved by customers, The Products boasts a multitude of products to make customers’ holiday meals affordable, easy, and delicious including items such as:

  • Special selection of baby sweet potatoes with brown sugar and cayenne.
  • Kruger broccoli and cauliflower family size.
  • Special choices of cheesecake bites.
  • Simple truth salad appetizer.
  • Kroger pumpkin pie ice cream.
  • Organic Butternut Squash Soup from Simple Truth.

Statistics from 84.51º also show that nearly 50 percent of the customers surveyed started their Thanksgiving shopping a week before the holiday; However, customers can still get their Thanksgiving favorites now by shopping in-store, thru Kruger pickupOr delivered with Boost by Kroger, an annual grocery delivery membership that can save customers more than 1000 dollars per year on fuel and grocery deliveries.

*Sales are projections for 2022 based on previous year’s sales over the same period.

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