Lakers 2022-23 NBA Schedule: Key Dates, Notes, and More

The NBA announced its 2022-23 regular season schedule at noon Wednesday. Here’s everything you need to know about the Lakers’ 82-game slate.

The main games

October 18: Lakers at Golden State

Lakers episode in the new season watching the Warriors celebrate the 2021-22 title and the Golden State players get their championship rings. LeBron v. Steph, regardless of the supporting cast, is always must-see on TV. This is as tough a season opener as possible for the Lakers, though the defending champs sometimes suffer from an Opening Night hangover.

October 20: Lakers vs. Clippers

Things don’t get much easier in the Lakers’ home opener against their hallway rivals, who have Kawhi Leonard back. The Battle of Los Angeles is always an exciting showdown between the two teams and their fan bases. There will certainly be overreactions on one side or the other.

November 13: Lakers vs Brooklyn

The Lakers and Nets have been linked all summer since Kyrie Irving’s Lakers interest leaked in late June. Will it be Irving Laker at this point? Or will he stay with the net? What about Russell Westbrook? The action on court may not be as convincing, but this match will be all about it.

December 2: Lakers in Milwaukee

This is Darvin Hamm’s return to town and the team he helped win the 2021 championship, making this an emotionally charged match. This would also be a good measure of how competitive the Lakers are after a month and a half into the season.

December 13: Lakers vs Boston

Between “Winning Time” and “Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers,” the greatest hits from the legendary Lakers-Celtics rivalry are brought to life. Both franchises are in pursuit of banner #18. The teams are 5-5 in their last 10 meetings, and that tilt always means something more to the Lakers and their fans.

December 25: Lakers in Dallas

The Lakers aren’t used to Christmas travel – they’ve played 16 of the last 20 Christmases as the home team. They hosted Dallas on Christmas Day 2020 and pulled off some of their most spectacular finishes in recent seasons in Dallas (like Danny Green and Austin Reeves’ game-winning shots). Luka Dončić is perhaps the closest young star we’ve seen to a LeBron tournament, and the matches between them are usually an interesting chess match.

February 15: Lakers vs New Orleans

This is the last game before the All-Star break—against the opponent the Lakers fell to in a standings showdown last season. The Pelicans should do better with Zion Williamson and CJ McCollum returning to start the season in training camp. This could be an unobtrusively crucial match for the West’s ranking.

March 7: Lakers vs Memphis

Pau Gasol will become the No. 12 Laker to have his jersey number retired (No. 16) — and against his former team, the Grizzlies, no less. This honor is deserved by being the second best player on back-to-back 2009 and 2010 Lakers teams. This will be one of the highlights of the Lakers season.

April 9: Lakers vs Utah

end of the regular season. Where will the Lakers be? In the top six in the West? in the tournament? outside the tournament play in? There are likely to be stakes, one way or another. This will be an important game – and one that can be won.

Back to back

The Lakers have 12 consecutive streaks in 2022-23, which is just below the league average (13.3):

Notable wild trips

Road trip in December:

  • December 2 in Milwaukee
  • December 4 in Washington
  • December 6 in Cleveland
  • December 7 in Toronto
  • December 9 in Philadelphia
  • December 11th in Detroit

Road trip from December to January:

  • December 25 in Dallas
  • December 27th in Orlando
  • December 28 in Miami
  • December 30th in Atlanta
  • January 2 in Charlotte

Grammy’s wild ride:

  • January 28 in Boston
  • January 30 in Brooklyn
  • January 31 in New York
  • February 2 in Indiana
  • February 4th in New Orleans

Road trip from March to April:

  • March 29 in Chicago
  • March 31 in Minnesota
  • April 2 in Houston
  • April 4th in Utah
  • April 5 at the Clippers

Notable residences

January house:

  • January 12 vs. Dallas
  • January. 15 vs. Philadelphia
  • January 16 vs. Houston
  • January 18 vs. Sacramento
  • January 20 vs. Memphis

Mars house:

  • March 3 vs. Memphis
  • March 5 vs. Golden State
  • March 7 vs. Memphis
  • March 10 vs. Toronto
  • March 12 vs. New York

Mars house:

  • March 17 vs. Dallas
  • March 19 vs. Orlando
  • March 22 vs. Phoenix
  • March 24 vs. Oklahoma City
  • March 26 vs. Chicago

Harder stretch

The Lakers had a rough start to the season. On the other hand, 10 of their first 15 matches are at home. On the other hand, they play the Warriors, Clippers (twice), Nuggets (twice), Timberwolves, Pelicans, Cavaliers and Nets during this stretch. The Lakers desperately need to get off to a good start to cleanse the sour taste of last season, but it seems realistic that they will hover at or below . 500 during the first month of the season.

The easiest extension

The second half of November is relatively easy. Lakers play Pistons, Spurs (three times), Pacers and Trail Blazers. After a potentially slow start to the season, the Lakers should be able to bounce back and pick up some wins before a December slate is packed with roadblocks.

Miscellaneous table notes

  • The Lakers have 16 games on ESPN/ABC, 11 on TNT, and 12 on NBA TV.
  • Schedule breakdown by month: October (six matches), November (14), December (16), January (16), February (10), March (15) and April (five).
  • Lakers play 59 games Before All-Star breakouts, with 28 at home and 31 on the road.
  • Lakers play 23 games After, after All-Star breakouts, with 13 at home and 10 on the road.

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