Lakers News: Patrick Beverley Suspended by the NBA – All Lakers

The National Basketball Association has announced that Patrick Beverly, the starting point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, has been suspended for three games statement. Consequently, Pat Beef will miss consecutive competitions against the Tottenham on Friday and Saturday, as well as next week’s match with the Indiana Pacers.

Beverley himself predicted he would face some level of punishment for flagrantly fouling a cheap shot on Phoenix Suns center Deender Ayton, and admitted in the post-game that he regretted the incident.

said the 6’1 veteran guard after the fact that he took offense at Phoenix big man for standing over Lakers guard Austin Reeves, who was knocked to the floor by All-Star Suns guard Devin Booker as the two wrestled for a late rebound in the Lakers’ 115-105 loss in the end. The End. As Ayton stood on top of Reeves, Beverley collided with him completely, pushing the big man to the ground. The Lakers and Suns players were suddenly about to trade blows. The umpires ejected Beverley, Ayton gave a technique, and Booker was whistled for a foul.

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