LiveView Pro 2 Training Aid review

LiveView Pro 2 Training Aid review

Effective swing changes are hard to make, especially in light of the fact that what you think you’re doing is often different than what’s actually going on. Executing a new swing plane, arm placement, or club face direction may look dramatically different, but it’s often just a slight difference from what you’ve been doing wrong before.

Mirrors can help, but they are more difficult to set up and place. Recording your swing on your phone is a route many golfers take, but you can’t view a new swing in real time and it can be helpful to locate it. Step up to Live View Pro 2, a training aid that bridges the sense of realism by effectively live-streaming a video of your swing to your smart device. This is an important feature because you are able to watch your action while you are in the golf game, something golfers often miss when looking in the mirror.

LiveView Pro 2 in action

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The swing inverter connects to your phone or iPad using WiFi. Place it anywhere you want to view your swing—below the line at thigh height is one of the most popular positions—and you can use the flexible tripod to either place it on a bag stand at the driving range or attach it to the top of your golf bag. Then you put your phone right in front of where you hit – I suggest propping your phone up on a few golf balls so that it’s at a right angle and can be seen easily on your swing.

liveview pro 2

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Upgrades from the previous Live View Pro device include a new shape – lighter weight (less than 4 ounces), and more streamlined phone design. This makes it ultra portable and the look is definitely more premium. It also records in 720p HD video, so presumably less grainy, 120fps and audio recording. Live View Pro also features PURLNK – Fast Video Streaming for smoother playback and reduced dropped frames when viewing jitter.

I tried it with an iPad first and it was still quite blurry and not overly sharp. I think this is because the screen was much larger, I switched to my iPhone but the problem remained although this may be due in part to the blurry and dim conditions I was experiencing. The quality is good enough to see your body and club position, but not see the angle of your putter face with any certainty. They weren’t fast running and they popped in quickly after they finished swinging, but I’m used to watching sharper videos.

Live View Pro 2 screens

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One of the great features of Live View Pro 2 is how it uses the audio recording function to capture the sound of the effect and capture the recording up to two seconds before and after. This means that you won’t be leaving unnecessarily long videos on your phone that take up a lot of storage space – the clips are narrower in length. It uses artificial intelligence to automatically “see” your swing and score even when you’re not hitting the ball. It can give you sample suggestions for things like shaft level and head position and recognizes different phases of swing to quickly and easily disassemble and view parts. You can even draw lines and circles on your recorded swings and then see them live as you swing to make sure you achieve certain positions.

Liveview Pro 2 review

(Image credit: Tom Miles)

There is no doubt that this is an improvement over the Live View Pro in terms of quality and convenience. For golfers who like to tinker with their swings or like to watch their moves in real time, it’s a great tool. No doubt instructors will also use it to show skeptical students what they’re really doing. The app is fun to use and easy to navigate but the video quality remains a bit disappointing. We’re used to seeing crystal-clear video on our phones these days and the Live View Pro 2 is still much less than that, which will deter some from investing $649.

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