MLB The Show 22: 10 Best third baseman

Players who like Road to the Show mode in MLB The Show 22 You will likely find a home at third base. Not only can they hit the ball for power, but they get plenty of movement on the court and a chance to show off their arm. Playing this spot is a quick way to get called into RTTS.

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However, there is some serious competition at third base. All of these are reasons why gamers might want to play the position, and real-life gamers are living that dream. in MLB The Show 22these are the monsters that stand in the way of being the greatest hot corner talent in this generation.

Updated July 17, 2022 by Hodey Johns: This list first appeared before the season started. All-Star Week marks the halfway point of the season. So, how did the analysts do? Of course, no one is perfect. Some players who were expected to perform poorly ended up putting together a great first half, so they needed to be added to the list. The others that were well cast did not live up to the experts’ expectations, so they had to be abandoned. A hot or cold streak could see even the worst ranked player making this list or the top ranked player completely out of luck. This is how things have gone so far.

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13/13 Evan Longoria – 81 total

MLB The Show 22 Evan Longoria Mid Season Player Card

There is an argument that Evan Longoria’s ratings do not reflect his talent as a player. He hasn’t made the All-Star game since 2010, but he’s won Gold Gloves and is constantly competing for Silver Slugger awards.

Longoria’s power is still high and his ability to hit left for connection is strong. Defensively, the arm is down at 40, but his other defensive attributes are all 77+. In the bottom zone, there are few better hitters than Longoria.

12/13 Ryan McMahon – 83 overall

MLB The Show 22 Mid-Season Player Card Ryan McMahon

McMahon’s stats on the defensive side of the ball are mostly in the 90’s. It’s hard for a utility player to get superstars to change positions, but McMahon is so talented that Chris Bryant moved to left field. No slight against Bryant, this guy is good.

For players looking to trade a player or take over an organization, keep in mind that much of McMahon’s utility lies in his ability to play any position. His high discipline and durability set up the Rockies to win ball games.


10/13 Matt Chapman – 83 total

MLB The Show 22, Matt Riley's mid-season player card

When players try to improve their character in Road to the Show, defense is often overlooked. He can send a player’s total higher than their batting stats would normally warrant. A secured third baseman is something many teams will accept, even if the hitting needs some work.

It’s probably unfair to put Matt Chapman in this category because his hit is still average for most MLB players. But the three-time Gold Glove Award winner (including last year’s win) and two-time Platinum Glove receiver has extremely high defensive attributes.

9/13 Austin Riley – 84 overall

MLB The Show 22 Austin Riley Mid-Season Player Card

Last year’s SIlver Slugger among NL third basemen, for whatever reason, was not given a spot as a top ten talent among players in that position for 2022. In the middle of another solid season, ratings adjusters were able to come to their senses and give Riley a spot among the best.

His average is down a bit from last year, but his strength is much better. As the league leader in home runs, he has 84+ hits against both righties and lefties when it comes to power. His durability 98 is an advantage, especially with how often third basemen land on the hit list these days.

8/13 Patrick Wisdom – 85 total

MLB The Show 22 Mid-Season Player Card Patrick Wisdom

Hitting power and defense is what managers want from their third baseman and Patrick Wisdom delivers. Three of his four defensive attributes in the 80s. Both power classes are elite, capping a perfect 99 against lefties.

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As is expected for many power hitters in 2022, his patience and connection leave much to be desired. But the league is turning into one that relies on the long ball and Wisdom fits the bill perfectly.

7/13 Brandon Drury – 86 total

MLB The Show 22 Brandon Drury Mid-Season Player Card

When playing against friends, it’s frustrating to have a player who is in touch or power up. Even if one class or another is good, archers can benefit by switching archers or throwing trash. Brandon Drury has no weaknesses against penetration.

Drury is most valuable when his defense is taken into account. Across all four categories, it scores at least 72. Balls hit in this direction do not infiltrate left field.

6/13 Rafael Devers – 89 total

MLB The Show 22 Card Mid-Season Player Rafael Devers

Despite winning the World Championship in 2018, it is indisputable that Rafael Devers had his best year in 2021, winning the Silver Slugger title and being voted into his All-Star debut. He may only have hit his stride because he leads the league in hits and total bases so far in 2022.

To match his prowess, games will need to learn how to prime their equipment to keep up. Apart from an overall above-average batting in most categories, he scored 99 perfect touchdowns against righties and 95 against lefties. This is one way to keep the average up.



3/13 Nolan Arenado – 94 OVR

MLB The Show 22 Nolan Arenado Mid-Season Player Card

It’s impossible to talk about Nolan Arenado without talking about his defense. The guy has earned nine consecutive Gold Glove Awards and five consecutive Platinum Glove Awards, awarded to the league’s top defensive player. But if that wasn’t enough, wait until he hits the plate.

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His strength and connection are above average, most notably his power against left field is 99. With a toughness of 96, Arenado is basically everything a third baseman can be. This ideal reaction timing would be over 99 if these ratings were allowed.

2/13 Manny Machado – 98 total

MLB The Show 22 Manny Machado Mid Season Player Card

Manny Machado is still in the prime of his career and anyone stuck behind him in the depth chart should probably consider a change of stance. The Padres are having a more successful season in 2022 thanks to Machado.

It’s brutal against leftists. He has perfect scores on both contact and strength against them. This complements his bright red area against them. They had better walk with him and hope that whoever beats them next in order doesn’t make them pay.

1/13 Jose Ramirez – 99 total

MLB The Show 22 Mid-Season Player Card Jose Ramirez

Jose Ramirez joined the 30-30 club in 2018 and has gone on to collect Silver Sluggers and All-Star selections. Over the course of 2022, he went from a flat total to a total of 99 capped, and leads the list for third basemen. He leads the league in RBIs and doubles.

Here’s a shocking fact: Off the pennant and connection against left, all of his hitting qualities are above 82. Not only is that above average, that class is elite in almost every aspect. His aforementioned speed when the ball is still in the park should also not be overlooked.

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