NBA agent Ennis Kanter Liberty calls China a ‘real threat to the world’

Former NBA player Ennis Kanter-Freedom said during an interview with NTD News, a sister media outlet to The Epoch Times, in a special webinar on “The Case for Decoupling From China” that the Chinese regime is a “real threat to the world” right now. . On Capitol Hill.

Nobody can conquer [the] The United States from the outside, but they are [the Chinese regime] They are trying to invade the United States from within by trying to take over Wall Street, trying to take it over [the] Freedom said at the online event Sept. 20.

During the webinar, the human rights defender recounted how he lost his football career due to raising awareness of the regime’s human rights issues by wearing shoes with various artworks including slogans such as “Free China, Free Tibet” during NBA games.

Freedom was released by the Houston Rockets shortly after he was traded from the Boston Celtics on February 10. He was one of the highest-rated backup centers statistically in the NBA, and it is believed that his action cost him his career.

As Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on September 20 again called for the resumption of cooperation between China and the United States, Freedom said the regime needs to correct its behavior in the field of human rights first.

“First of all, they have to understand, as we speak, genocide [is] is happening. … They need to free millions of people. They also need to stop harassing the Congress and the Tibetan and Chinese people, and all those people.”

“If they want to do anything like that, first and foremost they need to know how to act.”

The sports activist emphasized that “human life comes before everything else.”

According to Freedom, his teammates, coaches, fans and the whole of the NBA have all given him the cold shoulder for his outspokenness against CCP.

He said that this made him feel that his way to fight the regime was very lonely, but he stressed that he would continue his struggle work.

Born in Switzerland to Turkish parents, she was raised in Turkey and moved to the United States in her teens. He recently launched the Enes Kanter Freedom Foundation to help fight for religious freedom and human rights around the world.

“I feel really sorry for the Chinese people and the Chinese citizens… they have to deal with one of the biggest… dictators out there in the world,” he said.

“I have no problem with the Chinese people. Our problem is with the Chinese government because they pose a real threat to the world.”

“We have to do everything we can to fight this dictatorship,” Freedom said.

Nhat Hoang and Masuma Haque contributed to this report.

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Hana Ng is a reporter covering the US and China. She holds a Master’s degree in International Economics and Development Economics from the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.

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