Need a complete set of irons to start playing golf?

Need a complete set of irons to start playing golf?

A set of golf clubs can be the most expensive purchase a golfer will make and can be a daunting investment for those who are just starting out in golf for the first time. Which is why I suggest that no, you don’t need a full set of irons to start playing golf. The rules of golf state that a maximum of 14 clubs are allowed for a golfer but you do not need to fill your bag to the full courtesy. While a driver, some type of sand wedge and paddle are essential, the number of irons required depends on your ability and enthusiasm levels.

A good starting point for irons if you’re new to the game is to pick a half set (often called a short set) or even just a three-piece set of 5, 7, and 9-iron. This will be enough to cover different shooting distances as you work on the type of iron you like the look of and the type of performance you want to try. As a beginner, your strike pattern will probably be quite inconsistent and therefore it makes no sense to invest in a complete set of seven irons from 4 iron to wedge. The benefits of having a full range come when you are able to hit the ball correctly on a semi-constant basis in order to hit the ball different distances depending on the shot you have in hand. A side benefit of having less iron in your bag is that it will be lighter to carry, thus reducing stress on the body.

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Pack sets are an affordable way to get almost a full set of irons

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However, there are some very good iron sets for beginners as well as bundle set options that include a full set of irons without the premium cost. While you don’t necessarily need a full set of irons, it’s a good idea to have a complete matching set and most bundle sets come with matching irons as well as a bag to carry around the course.

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